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Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Name David Randolph Burkeson

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Terran)
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 189 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description A fit, trim man edging into middle age, David is generally described as being on the attractive end of plain. He wears a mustache and neatly trimmed beard. Gray has been infiltrating his hair but he has done nothing about it as several women have commented favorably upon it, describing the look as "distinguished".

The only remarkable element of his appearance ever commented on is his eyes, often described as "penetrating" and sometimes "old".


Personality & Traits

General Overview David is a driven individual, bordering on obsessive in some areas. This has advantages and disadvantages in his chosen career. A deep thinker, he rarely fits comfortably into any particular "camp" on a major issue as there is almost always some elements of a given platform he disagrees with.

He is also a man of strong opinions strongly held and very open about expressing them. He has been described as having little respect for authority. This is not strictly true. In his case, it is more a lack of respect for the blanket authority of positions over the earned authority of those who's actions while in those positions earn his respect. He believes that rank and position are not rewards but duties and that all should have the right to speak freely in appropriate circumstances and be treated respectfully.

Finally, David is philosophically more militaristic than the prevailing attitude in Starfleet. He believes that a strong, vibrant and demonstrable offensive capability is the most important element in a defensive program. This belief has guided his entire career, from his desire to join Starfleet through his selection of the Tactical field and on into his tight specialization on the Defiant Class, the first dedicated, purpose-built warship in Federation history.

He feels that Starfleet and the Federation in general are losing focus on the lessons learned from the Cardassian and Dominion wars, thus setting them up to be vulnerable again in the future.
Strengths & Weaknesses When his interest is aroused, David can pursue a subject or project with a burning intensity that is rare even amongst the generally high-achieving body of Starfleet. His detail-orientation and devotion has been of great benefit in his Starfleet career, particularly given it's focus on Defiant Class ships, which almost demand these qualities.

On the down side, this focus can blind him to some alternative paths and he operates best when teamed with a less driven partner of broader outlook that can tamp and direct his enthusiasm.

His outspoken nature has also caused him problems. His philosophy that the respect of subordinates must be earned independent of rank or position has cause many issues with those who didn't make his "cut". In combination with his belief that rank or position should in no way limit a person's ability to freely express their thoughts and his militaristic bent, this trait has closed doors and interfered with his career development on several occasions.
Ambitions David hopes to help affect a "sea change" in Federation/Starfleet policy toward a stronger, more flexible military capability. He is not a war-monger, as some have accused him of being, but does believe that even a sheathed sword should be of high quality, it's wearer possessed of a reputation for skill in it's use and willingness to do so if provoked. In this way, conflict is avoided.
Hobbies & Interests David has a broad, wide-ranging curiosity and is well-read on a variety of subjects. His primary foci however have been history (particularly military history) and the philosophy and practice of martial arts in various cultures.

He has studied broadly in these arts, though not always to great depth. His core martial arts have been the Terran styles of Tai Chi and Aikido, as well as the practice of Japanese swordsmanship and in these arts he has achieved high rank. He loves to spar with skilled practitioners of other styles however and does so whenever possible.
Languages Federation Standard, English, Japanese, Klingon

Personal History David was born in 2345 on the Federation colony world of Setlik III. Orphaned in the Cardassian attack of 2347, he was taken in by an aunt and uncle who lived on Terra. All through childhood, he dreamed about joining Starfleet and joining the war against the people who killed his parents. He studied and trained extensively in his spare time with this goal in mind.

He was rejected three times in his applications to the Academy, primarily on the basis of his attitude toward the Cardassians and his burning desire for revenge. On the recommendations of the review boards, he sought counseling with regard to these feelings. He also took up the non-violent, conciliatory martial art of Aikido, which deeply affected his personal philosophy and style. Finally, on his fourth attempt at age 19, he was accepted and underwent the Academy's two year enlisted personnel program, graduating with honors into the Tactical department in 2366. His guidance counselors tried repeatedly to get him into the officer program but, like many enlisted-track cadets, he wanted to get out there and start doing.

His first assignment was as a Security Specialist on USS Phoenix (Nebula Class). He was present aboard during the incident in which her Captain, Benjamin Maxwell, attempted to expose Cardassian treaty violations in 2367 although, like most of her crew, he was found innocent of any illegal or improper actions during the incident. He had and retains great respect for Maxwell, believing he was right in both his opinions and actions at the time.

His next assignment, in 2368, was to Project Defiant as a part of the test crew for the prototype of Starfleet's first ever purpose-designed, dedicated warship. He was extremely pleased with this assignment, which both fully engaged his interests and seemed to speak well of shifting Starfleet attitudes. He threw himself whole-heartedly into the task and achieved very high ratings from his superiors.

When Project Defiant was cancelled due to problems during her shakedown cruise, David's hard work paid off with his acceptance into Advanced Tactical Training and subsequent assignment back to Antares Shipyards as part of base Security's Special Tactics Group in 2371. This assignment was short lived however since, late in that year, Benjamin Sisko successfully lobbied for the re-activation of the Defiant and her assignment to Deep Space Nine. David was recalled and assigned as a part of her ferry crew, then remained with the ship for a little over a year crewing and helping to qualify other station personnel on her very demanding systems.

Then, in 2372, he was reassigned again, this time to one of the first batch of production Defiants: USS Loki. He served there first as Master-at-Arms and then as Chief-of-Boat beginning in early 2374. Shortly after the latter promotion, Loki became one of the 98 ships the Federation lost in the catastrophic Battle of Tyra. Badly damaged and with heavy casualties, Loki was struck in main engineering and suffered an uncontrolled warp jump that took her out out of the battle zone but burned out her warp coils in the process.

Finding himself senior crew member present in the aftermath of the disaster, David took command and worked with his surviving comrades to preserve and repair the ship. By clever use of sensor spoofing and other counter-detection strategies, the survivors were able to slip back among the wrecks in the vicinity of Tyra, now deep behind enemy lines, and avoid the Dominion patrols. Over time, they were able to pick up a few scattered and well hidden survivors to round out their crew and restore limited warp function. One of the survivors, a Captain, briefly assumed command of Loki but quickly succumbed to wounds. On his deathbed, he field commissioned David to the rank of LT and formal command of the ship.

They also encountered and defeated a crew of scavengers, operating a captured B'Rel Class Bird-of-Prey and were able to recover & install it's cloaking device, greatly aiding in their attempts to avoid the Dominion forces. For the better part of a year, the ship was barely functional and David did not feel safe attempting to cross the lines or try an initiate active communication with Starfleet, possibly drawing Dominion attention. He contented himself with keeping his crew alive and gradually restoring Loki's capabilities, raiding Cardassian shipping or small, remote facilities when necessary for supplies and accumulating intelligence.

In early 2375, Loki chanced upon General Martok's force which had been executing deep raiding operations behind the lines. Linking up with them, David was able to complete repairs on his ship and round out his crew with Klingon replacements. Impressed with the information he had been able to gather and the things he had been able to accomplish, Martok requested Loki be temporarily assigned to the IKF under his command. This had the dual purpose of allowing David to retain command of the vessel and allowing her to retain her cloak without violation of the Treaty of Algeron. Loki continued to operate under Klingon command through the end of the War, conducting numerous behind the lines reconnaissance and strike missions.

After the cessation of hostilities, a Starfleet board reviewed the numerous battlefield commissions and incidents of rapid promotion forced by the wartime considerations with a view toward the long term needs of the peacetime service. Despite his accomplishments, David's commission was not upheld and he was reduced in rank to CPO. He was, however, offered an opportunity with others in similar situations to attend an accelerated commissioning program at Starfleet Academy and accepted. Completing the program in 2378, he was re-commissioned a LT JG in light of his service and assigned to USS Broadsword (Defiant Class) as Asst. Tactical Officer.

David continued to serve capably on Broadsword for the next nine years, earning a promotion to LT in the process and serving as both Tactical Officer and XO. Finally, on the recommendation of Broadsword's CO, he was promoted in 2387 to LT CDR and assigned as CO of USS Steadfast (Defiant Class), then just coming back to duty after a major refit.

Service Record 2364: Entered Starfleet Academy (Enlisted program).
2366: Graduated with honors from the Academy with a Tactical
specialization. Promoted directly to PO3 and assigned as
a Security Specialist on USS Phoenix (Nebula Class).
2368: Reassigned to Project Defiant, Antares Shipyards as a
part of the test crew.
2369: Promoted to PO2
2370: Participated in shakedown cruise of Defiant prototype.
Upon closing of the project based on the resultant issues,
attended Advanced Tactical Training.
2371: Assigned to Antares Shipyards Security Special Tactics
Group. Later that year, recalled to Project Defiant and
assigned as part of ferry crew for the transfer of the
prototype to DS9.
2372: Promoted to PO1 and assigned to USS Loki (Defiant
Class) as Master-at-Arms.
2374: Promoted to CPO and Chief-of-Boat, USS Loki. Later
assumed command of vessel after all officers killed and
vessel significantly damaged during battle of Tyra.
Retained command until the end of the War, during which
time the ship was listed as missing and operating
2376: Returned to Starfleet Academy (NCO Commissioning
2378: Graduated Academy and direct-commissioned a LT JG
due to previous service experience. Assigned to USS
Broadsword (Defiant Class) as Asst. Tactical Officer.
2381: Promoted to LT and assumed position of Tactical Officer,
USS Broadsword (Defiant Class).
2384: Assumed position of Executive Officer, USS Broadsword
(Defiant Class). No increase in grade.
2387: Promoted to LT CDR and assigned as Commanding
Officer, USS Steadfast (Defiant Class).