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Captain Christopher Pendragon

Name Christopher Pendragon

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Christopher is a very conscious man who cares greatly about his appearance and his pride, especially within his star fleet uniform. He takes pride in picking the clothes he wears and also picking the neatly irons uniform over the previous days overalls, making sure his full uniform wardrobe is always fully washed and pressed on a 2 week period he would even wash his uniform that he has not warn, he also made sure that his uniform was renewed every 3 months as engine marks and wear and tear wore the uniform down.


Father Thomas Pendragon
Mother Ellen Pendragon

Personality & Traits

General Overview Christopher has an vibrant and energetic personality, he will never let his personal life interfere with his job and is always making friends, he is polite and well mannered, however he does have a few tendencies to stick up for a lot of stuff he believes in, which he believes is something everyone should do. Christopher has gone through a difficult childhood that has given him the personality he has, he is continuously trying to improve himself and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals which people and himself have laid out.

Christopher has lots of likes and dislikes; he likes chocolate, books written by Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, his room and building something out of nothing. His dislikes are the admiralty however he does follow there orders to the T if he is ever given orders by them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Christopher has lots of strengths, including his desire to want to achieve more. His main weaknesses are getting too close to other people.
Ambitions Christopher has no set ambitions, he does not want to command a ship but would like to become a teacher at the academy and help others out has he once was.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:

Christopher has many hobbies, his main passion is reading, in which from night to night he would indulge himself in either a Shakespeare or Charles dickens novel, or on a rear occasion a Stephen King novel. His favour Shakespeare book is Romeo and Juliet because of the complexity of the love and hate relation ships which go on between him and Juliet, and the feud between, continuing to his favourite Charles Dickens novel it was Oliver Twist, mainly because of Dickens use of integrated of the 19th century life and details of the scene he implemented into his work. And finally his favour Stephen King novel is ‘The Shinning’ for the simple reason he likes a life action and fear into some of his books he reads.


Christopher has not got many interests, he does like to participate in parties and halo novels. His main hobbies would have to be Flying, over the years in the holodeck he has flown many crafts from early 19th century bombers to up to date runabouts and fighters.

Personal History Christopher Pendragon, the only son to Thomas and Ellen Pendragon lived an isolated and lonely childhood on a mountain back farm on the southern continent of Earth. Both his parents refusing to believe in the reliability of technology excluded their son, Christopher from any contact with knowledge of the outside world. Being home tutored from a year young age his parents had the chance to enforce strict curfews and controls on him. His only friend Jonathon Turk, lived 9 miles down the road, his parents had a passion for arable farm land and found it pleasant and relaxing to stay on their ‘ranch’ for recreational activities, much to Christopher’s parents knowledge these two people where federation officers who were teaching Christopher a different way of life, and bringing him into the light of the real world, with the real problems.

Christopher from the age of 13 had been taking home pads full of information about Starfleet, Starfleet command and the news of the real world. 5 years later, Christopher’s father, then a Commander in Starfleet brought an application form to Christopher about entry to the academy. This was a real opportunity that Christopher really wanted to take up. He had become so fed up in the reigns of his parents he had often run away and spent nights at Jonathon’s house where his father occasionally took them to the big city. When he was 17, he had been taken to San Francisco and had a tour of part of the Starfleet building; this had clearly set his mind in path. Submitting his application without his parent’s knowledge, he secretly went to interviews and entrance exams, and had soon been offered a place in Starfleet Command.

His parents finding out only two days before where horrified at Christopher’s decision to leave the family tradition and start a new life among the stars. His father, Thomas had gone off ranting for a whole 3 hours about how stars should be seen but not visited, and how the thought of cross species sharing was impossible. It came to a point where his parent’s objections had exceeded sane when they locked him in his room, refusing to let him go. Christopher in his wisdom had already fixed the window to open either way so that he could make quick escapes, on the evening of the day before his entrance, Christopher had packed his bags and made a quite escape, and little did he know or want to know when he would next see his parents.

Never being socially entertained, Christopher found the academy very challenging, he found the work loads and challenges of friendship very complicated and resorted to seeing a counsellor once a week who had a massive impact n his life and his adaptations into the real world. Much to an advantage, Jonathon also joined the academy at the same time as Christopher, there friendship had hit an all time high and they became best friends. Jon also helped Christopher out a lot with friendship circles and as an outcome Christopher and Jon become well known as the duo of the academy. They where both Flight control boys and also because of there dedication and devotion to flying, became the fly boys of the graduate years, and over 3 years, they both became some of the best pilots and best trouble causers, even both getting a comment on their friendship and there dedication at graduation. Jonathon’s Family had attended the graduation, they had become a second family to Christopher, and they support him very much. Taking him in on breaks and holidays and taking him travelling the sky’s; Christopher loved the high life he was living.

Upon graduation, the two boys had to part company as they headed to different sides of the galaxy. Christopher had been given a place on a Deep Space exploring vessel, the Nova Class USS Ranger which was set to depart on its maiden voyage to outer reaches of the quadrant – heading towards the beta quadrant. Without his friend he thought friendships would be hard and complex to form and it would be like the start of the academy. The size of the ship created a small family that where going to be spending the next four years of their lives together as they deep space explored. The Ranger had a mission expectation time of 4 years, which overlapped by 4 months.

During the deep space exploration, the ship encountered many obstacles, many challenges and pushed Christopher’s flight control training, as well as engineering abilities to the maximum. He formed many friendships and learned lots of social skills that would better equip him for the future. The Commanding Officer took Christopher under his wing as well, she found his circumstances very complex and took it upon herself to make sure Christopher grew into a fine young ensign. Christopher was liked by all the crew, and spent a lot of time in holodeck’s experiencing different sporting and leisure activities with various crew members. Only a select amount of crew knew Christophers circumstances, one was a young engineer, Kelly Charters. Kelly and Christopher grew very close, but as their friendship reached a high they came to and end with the deep space mission and little did they know that they would be parting ways.

In September, 2381 Captain Helen Walker had put both Christopher and Kelly forward to different assignment’s, one a promotion in the department and the other a bigger challenge. Christopher had soon received reassignment orders, much to his excitement of a new opportunity; he nearly turned the assignment down getting cold feet from going through it all again. Captain Walker befriended Christopher by literally sending him on his way, onto a new assignment. She claimed she knew what was right for her crew, and what would help her crew to develop. Christopher was more than ready for the responsibilities he was about to undertake.

Joining the vast amounts of crew on the USS Pioneer, a sovereign class vessel, this was Christopher’s biggest in two respects, the promotion of being second in department and the sheer amount of people he would meet. Setting foot on the vessel gave him a queasy feel, but his past 4 years experience had all come into play and he soon become a popular guy within the department, as well as popular amongst the cocky fly boys as he showed them all up on holodeck simulations, flight plans and problem solving. His ability to act quickly on the stop with ease and not faulter under pressure put him amongst the best on the ship. Christopher had come close to exceeding all expectations.

Over time, Christopher had a burning desire to return home, despite the anguish he had against his parents. During a long talk with Lt Commander Dean Osbourne, the Chief Flight Control Officer Christopher decided to file for a 3 month leave of absence. He was planning on building up to returning home for a week, after doing some special sight visits and a return trip t the academy; of which he had been asked to come and teach for a week – as a special guest. Leaving the Pioneer after 18 months was something he found really hard, but for the September month he had plans, and lots of them at that.

On his leave he visit all the old sites from his academy days and exploring days. He had the chance to visit Britain and explore the history. But his time quickly built up to seeing his parents. Starfleet had agreed to lend Christopher a shuttle for the week and flight clearance for a visit to Mars colony and the moon. Walking down his old dirt track, he saw a woman in the side garden with a man knelt at the side of her. Christopher’s emotions had built up and he paused in the track as both the figures had stopped to look at him. The female, who he realised was his mother had stood and begun running, whilst his dad strolled down the drive. Both where accepting of his return with no hard feelings and his father had admitted overtime he made a lot of mistakes. Reluctantly they both agreed to the visits. With a bit of space sickness Christopher’s week was coming to an end. Sat in the large living room of his parent’s house he was reading a padd from Starfleet. He was yet again receiving reassignment orders, which, looked like to be another promotion, of which this time he got to shear the celebration with someone.

After taking on the Chief Flight Control Officer role, Christopher was now in a career position that would see him slowly progress up but progress up through lots of triumphs. Christopher was very dedicated to his role, but struggled in the initial start up – making the orders and running a department was something he enjoyed, but had a lot of guidance with. Christopher has spent three weird and wonderful years working on the Pendragon, his confidence had risen, his attitude and aptitude was high and he was well known throughout the ship was his ways of running the department – he had been told by his commanding officer that he has a unique and aspiring way of doing things.

Christopher eventually took up a position at the Starfleet Corps of Engineers in the Sol system. He was no engineer himself, but he took up a position of leading a team of flight control officers to rigorously test and put to the limit, experimental vessels on the drawing board and in production. He was on the design team for many new and upcoming vessels, putting his knowledge of flight control to the test to make easy running of all the latest vessels. He became well known at the corps for his arguments over the flight control issues which he felt were being brushed under the carpet, and even took on a lot of engineering training to be able to justify a lot of his reasoning’s.

After a hectic three years at the corps, Christopher had finally decided it was time to move on. He originally took up a position on Starbase Oregon heading up the system flight mapping team – this position however was short lived. Being stuck in an office staring at maps everyday was something that did hold any interest to Christopher, and so he put in for a transfer. Christopher took up a position on the USS Whitehorse as its second officers and chief flight control officer. Joining the command department Christopher knew was going to be one of his career changing events. Quickly settling into the role Christopher had become well known on the vessel. After passing all his relevant training Christopher had begun to take on extra responsibilities within the ship and had soon become an avid and eager learners, as well as strong leader and had very high recommendations from his commanding officer.

After 3 years in this role, he was finally offered an executive officer position on the USS Watson, a small sabre class ship. He took up the position of Executive and Head of the Flight control department. The Watson was Christopher’s life changing assignment. When the ship was attacked by an unknown entity Christopher feared for all the life of the ship, and when the Captain was killed in a raid of the ship, he knew it was up to him to save and protect the lives of the few crew left.

After two long weeks of running and hiding, the Watson limped back to Starbase 302 with all but 10 surviving; Christopher was badly injured and was signed off work for 3 months to recover. The Watson, being held together by what limited knowledge Christopher knew about engineering and the knowledge of a civilian engineer was decommissioned – damaged beyond repair. After a three month rest period Christopher had been officially declared fit for duty by Starfleet medical and was currently awaiting reassignment.
Service Record 2345 – 2363 – Childhood
2363 – 2367 – Starfleet Academy – Flight Control Training
2367 – 2371 – Flight Control Officer – USS Ranger – Nova Class
2371 – 2373 – Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer – USS Pioneer – Sovereign Class
2373 – 2377 – Chief Flight Control Officer – USS Pendragon – Excalibur Class
2377 – 2380 – Starfleet Corps of Engineering – Senior Flight Control Analysis
2380 – 2380 – Starbase Oregon – Director of System Trafficking
2380 – 2383 – Second Officer / Chief Flight Control Officer – USS Whitehorse – Insignia Class
2383 – PRES – Executive Officer – USS Watson – Sabre Class