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Name Kralta

Position Owner - Kralta's Fine Consumbales

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Kralta is a beautiful Caitian with fine fluffy fur in a mottled black and gray pattern that suggests a camouflage suit to some. She is vain about her appearance and goes to great lengths to maintain it. She dresses fashionably and expensively.


Personality & Traits

Personal History Kralta is the proprietress of a well-regarded establishment on the upper level of the Promenade that deals in fine foods, beverages and recreational substances. Her stock varies widely with availability but she has a well developed reputation for ordering specialty items. Not all of the things she sells are legal, but she practices enough discretion that those authorities who have noticed her have so far felt comfortable not "seeing" these indiscretions officially because of her other reputation: that as a purveyor of information.

She has a network of contacts throughout the region at many levels of authority and on both sides of the law. in some areas, the network she plugs into has shown itself to be more efficient than Starfleet Security or Intelligence, both of which have utilized her services. There are rumors of connections to the Orion Syndicate as well, including an "insurance policy" which provides for the investigation of her death or imprisonment and assassination of anyone thought to have been involved. This is ridiculous, of course, since everyone knows the Orion Syndicate is a myth...