Vloc Cann

Name Vloc Cann

Position Guest Lecturer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 116

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 115 lbs.
Hair Color Greying Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Vloc has the normal black hair and yellow skin of his people. He is thin but wirey and has very dark eyes. In all senses he appears the archeotypical Vulcan Officer.


Spouse M'fanwey
Father Isser
Mother Malorn

Personality & Traits

General Overview Retaining the stoic nature of his people, he is often seen by humans as aloof. However he has made extensive study of human behaviour and social intereaction allowing him to participate in many scoial events other Vulcans would dismiss as illogical. He feels understanding Human and alien behaviour is a requirement of his role. If emotion is a weakness, then it is one that can be exploited, making those in his care vulnerable, but also those they will challenge.
Strengths & Weaknesses Having the Biology of a full Vulcan, he has the benefits of heightened strength and senses. He also has incredible discipline and mental control. Secretly he struggles with his emotions which he has never completely buried and are fired by his wife's condition.
Ambitions Ambition is a Human emotion which he is, thankfully, spared.
Hobbies & Interests Lecturer in Weaponry and Tactics (Federation, Romulan and Klingon); fleet, seige, ground assault, and mass personnel actions. Enjoys theatre (particullarly 'Method Acting'), Emotionally confronting Art and Music, Psychology and Philosophy.
Languages Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Human, Bollian, 'Telepathy', Ferengi

Personal History Vloc (Born 2270) grew up on a Vulcan research facility that was involved in the cloaked observation o the Inarii, a species prior to first contact. He developed and interest in social dynamics and psychology. When the outpost was attacked in 2290 by Breen he was still young enough to allow his emotions some reign. This gave him an ability to predict the Breen and local's behaviour in a way the Older Vulcans could not. It was for this reason that he eventually refused to partake in the Kolinahr.

This was to proove costly too him, since in many Vulcans eyes it made him a failure as a Vulcan. However he was encouraged in this by his Paternal Grandmother who had once been a member of the V'tosh ka'tur. He joined the Vulcan Science accademy that same year to study Tactics and Psychology for the next 80 years. It was suggested to him that taking a short period of service on a Starfleet vessel would allow him to expand his range of skills.

During his time aboard the USS Tolkien his commanding officer developed an unhealthy attraction to him and determined to be the woman who "made the Vulcan feel". This naturally led to frustration and resentment and she made sure he was not promoted from ensign for the duration of his service. He requested assignment to the Tomcat under Commander Seyer, since he found the El Aurians apptitude for understanding the Human Psyche to be admiral and a good compliment to his more logical approach.

He was rapidly promoted through the roles of First officer, Task Group Commander and acting Task Force Execurtive Officer and then given command of the Ulysses Fleet in the Triangle. He takes time out from coordinating the small force to continue lectures in Federation and Klingon educational facilities such as The Vulcan Science academy, Starfleet academy and the IKS Ghojrup training vessel for the KDF.
Service Record 2290 Enrolled in Vulcan Science Accademy studying Tactics, Logic and Xeno-Psychology
2295 Published Paper on Behaviour changes in Klingons following the destruction of Praxis.
2315 Published Paper on Theoretical Explinations for the Romulan Iscolationism, later refered to as the 'Tombed Incident'.
2340 Published paper on Tactical responses to the Cardasian threat to the Federation.
2345 Published second paper on Klingon Behaviour and politics following the Federation/Klingon Treaty.
2365 Published paper about Renewed Romulan activity marking the end of the Tombed 'Incident'.
2370 Graduated Starfleet Accademy. Posted as Junior Helm Officer aboard the USS Adelphi.
2371 USS Adelphi is posted to the Beta Quadrant during the Dominion War.
2372 Served as tactical officer during Borg attack after Chief Tactical Officer was killed.
2373 Accepts post as Tactical Officer which he serves at for remainder of the Dominion War.
2375 Transfered to the USS Sutherland where he served as a Tactical Systems Engineer.
2377 He led a Raid on a Breen prisoner camp at Meliam III where various Vulcan and Andorian prisoners were still being held from the Dominion War.
2380 Posted as Chief Tactical Officer on the USS Tolkien.
2385 Requested transfer to the USS Tomcat as Chief Tactical Officer, was instead promoted to full Lieutenant Commander and placed as First Officer. Later
2386 Promoted to Full Captain and sequestered to Starfleet Tactical to serve as TF86 Chief of Staff and CO of Task Group Neptune, then Proteus. Later promoted to TF86 XO.
2387 Promoted to Ulysses Fleet CO.