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1st Lieutenant Samantha Leyton

Name Samantha Lee Leyton

Position Executive Officer, SOG Finn

Second Position Strategic Operations Offcier, SOG Finn

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 136
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Athletic, toned body. Shoulder-length black hair, green eyes.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Jacob Leyton-- Deceased
Mother Amy Leyton-- Deceased
Brother(s) Kyle Leyton-- Deceased

Tom Leyton-- Deceased
Sister(s) Jessica Leyton-- Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Samantha is lonely but outward remains strong and tends to keep others from getting too close personally. Willingly takes risks to accomplish the mission at the risk of her own life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Excellent marksman and hand to hand combatant.

Hates Transporters--near phobia.
Ambitions To forget her past and try to move on with her new future.
Hobbies & Interests Working out, kickboxing, archery, interest in history.
Languages Earth Standard, Spanish

Personal History Samantha was born to Jacob and Amy Leyton. She grew up loving the beach. She was the middle child of four children (one younger sister and two older brothers), with whom she had a constant rivalry with, especially sports. Samantha was a very adept basketball and track and field athlete during grade and high school. This often caused teachers to overlook her not so good grades, which her parents were not too proud of, especially her mother, who was a starfleet doctor.

Her father was a MACO Captain. Samantha tended to get along more with her father than her mother. As she graduated high school, she felt her life could only go one way and enlisted into the MACO in 2143. After three months of training, Samantha was assigned to the 24th MACO Unit based at Atlanta, GA. She stayed there until 2150 when she was assigned as an instuctor at the Janus Loop Training Facility until 2153, where she was assigned to the Enterprise MACO Detachment under the command of Major Hayes. In 2156, war broke out between the United Earth Government and the Romulan Empire and Samantha was reassigned to the 2nd MACO Detachment aboard the USS Challenger. While assigned to the USS Challenger, Samantha's unit was often sent to intercept and attempt to capture ship drones used by the Romulans. After two failed attempts due to a self destruction system, Samantha's unit was successful on the third try, disabling the self-destruct system before it could detonate. The United Earth Force studied the captured drone ship intensively and six months later, Samantha and her unit were ordered to use the drone ship to infiltrate Romulan space. Fearing that sending the entire unit was too risky, Samantha and Corporal Ryan Marston were ordered to pilot the ship. The hull plating of the ship made registering life signs impossible. Samantha and Corporal Marston piloted the ship into a Romulan supply outpost, destroying it and escaping through the emergency hatch built into the ship by Earth before the ship rammed into the station. After several hours of being spaceborne, the two were picked up by the SS Enlightenment, a Vulcan mining freighter working secretly for the Vulcan High Command and United Earth Government. The two MACO Grunts were awarded for their successful attack on the Romulan Supply Outpost, being promoted to Staff Sergeant and Marston being promoted to Sergeant upon being reassigned back to the USS Challenger. After two years of serving together, Leyton and Marston grew close and in 2159, the two were assigned to another mission. This time, Starfleet wanted to capture a Romulan vessel and find out more about the Romulans and their technology. A squad of the Challenger's MACO troops was sent to try and capture the IRW Shadow, a Romulan Bird of Prey Class Vessel. The IRW Shadow was last reported disappearing into a temporal rift caused by its weapons systems overloading, destabalizing its core. 225 years later, the IRW Shadow emerged from the temporal rift. The drifting hull of the Shadow was intercepted by the USS Saratoga. The crew of the Saratoga found a badly wounded Leyton and Marston as the only survivors. However Marston soon passed away due to the severity of his injuries.

Leyton however, survived. Feeling lost, alone, and suffering from Survivor's Guilt in this alien and vastly larger time, Leyton turned to Starfleet Marines, to which she felt the most familiarity with. Upon completing training of learning to use modern technology, Starfleet felt Leyton's experience in MACO and combat would be of great use, they commissioned Leyton as a Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned her to the USS Callisto. However, after a devastating mission, with the loss of the captain, Leyton requested a transfer and was reassigned to Deep Space 12.
Service Record 2143 Enlisted - Basic Training, MACO, Earth

2143 Assigned - 24th MACO Unit, Atlanta, GA, Earth

2150 Assigned - Zero-G Combat Instructor, Janus Loop Training Facility

2153 Assigned - USS Enterprise NX-01, MACO Soldier

2156 Assigned - 2nd MACO Detachment, USS Challenger

2159 Assigned - Temporal Incident-MIA

2385- Commissioned.

2386- 2386 - Assistant Chief Security Officer - USS Callisto

2386-Present - Chief of Strategic Operations - Deep Space 12