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Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Name Wolfric Grigour Bannister

Position Executive Officer

Second Position UFP Marshal

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 147
Hair Color red
Eye Color true grey (right) / opaline green (left)
Physical Description Wolf has an athletic build with a hint of lithness to it. His pale skin is common for those with his hair color. The eye color is common 1 at a time but the mix in colors is different.

He's got what most humanoids would consider agreeable good looks.


Father Grigour Thomas Bannister
Mother Heather Melissa Bannister

Personality & Traits

General Overview He was considered a good student growing up however while he was a fair student, he had uncommonly good demeanor. As he grew older, he developed his fathers hands on love of piloting. His mother, the chef, gave him a love of foods developing some old favorites as well as developing the brevity to try new foods.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: loyal, tough minded, stable.

Weakness: Sometimes shy around new people in social situations, enjoys adult beverages sometimes.
Ambitions To be the best that he can be and to move up the ranks.
Hobbies & Interests Recreating historical situations, distilling, brewing, restaurant & pub crawling. Camping, fishing and martial arts (Jujutsu, Zui quan and Anbo-jyutsu) are also areas of interest and enjoyment.
Languages Federation Basic, functional klingon, basic Rihansu and Vulcan phrases.

Personal History Born and raised on New Phoenix Colony, Mars Wolf grew up around a father who was a private cargo pilot and a mother who was a professional chef who favored gastro-pub style cooking.

Outside of his normal schooling, he learned aspects of both of his parents careers. He developed a love for hands on flying and hands on eating when it comes to the styles that are related to what his mother worked with.

He explored those careers for a few years after secondary school and before deciding to sign up for the academy.
Service Record Utopia Planitia - Advanced Pilot Training

Alpha Centauri - Advanced combat Marine training

USS Paul Revere - Marine Detachment and Squadron Pilot

3rd Marines, 2nd regiment, 5th battalion, 2nd Company, 1st Platoon.

3rd Marines, 2nd regiment, 5th battalion, 2nd Company, 1st Platoon commander

3rd Marines, 2nd regiment, 3rd battalion, 3rd company XO

3rd Marines, 2nd regiment, 3rd battalion, 3rd company CO

USS Equinox Marine XO and Squadron CO.

UFP Marshal Service