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Crystal Line

Name Crystal Star Line

Position Promenade Buisness Owner

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human with a slight touch of Betazoid hiding in there.
Age 70+

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Hair Color Mid brown with blonde streaks
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Crystal looks more like 40 than 70. When asked how she keeps her looks she replies with numerous things depending how she feels on the day. She mostly puts it down to good genes and her strong belief in alternate healing therapies.

Her hair is mid brown with blonde streaks and her skin is mellow. Her hands and fingers are long and slender and her eyes are an intense green.

She's fashionable and has a weakness for shoes and bags.

She's tall


Spouse David (Deceased)
Children Abrigail married to Ed and their two children Rory and Gabe

David married to Elspeth and two children Isla and Ellene
Father deceased
Mother deceased
Sister(s) Two sisters

Rhianne and Skye

Personality & Traits