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Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Name Jack Knoxville Daniels

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 0 lbs
Hair Color Medium Brown
Eye Color Hazel


Spouse Lisa Wright (Deceased)
Father Jonathon Daniels (Divorced)
Mother Eliza Howard (Divorced)
Brother(s) Liam Daniels

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fiercly protective of his ship and crew mates.
Single minded.
Likes to take orders, but less giving them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Good soldier.
Keen survival instincts and skills.
Distrustful of outsiders.
Ambitions To survive.
Hobbies & Interests Weapon collecting.
Weapon training.
Holonovels (Horror/Mysteries).
American Football.
Languages Federation standard a little Vulcan and Andorian

Personal History Born on the Luna colony of New Berlin as the older of identical twins. His Farther is a civilian contractor and his Mother a house mom, his parents divourced when he was 12, he stayed at New Berlin with his Dad wile his brother went with his mom to Earth.

Got disiplened several times at school for violent behavour, forced to join Starfleet by his father when he was exspelled from school.

Found a natural apptatude for Security and Tactical operations, set some of the highest accuracy scores in Academy history.

Meets Lisa Wright on shore leave, the two begin a rocky relationship. Lisa gets a place on the SS Loki as a junior analysis, Daniels Perposes and is told no. Two years later Jack and Lisa meet again on Vulcan and start there relationship again. SS Loki is due for another 2 year survey mission again Daniels perposes this time she excepts.

SS Loki does not report in 8 month into it's survey mission, Starfleet vessels find wreckage possitivly identified as the loki. No escape pods are recovered, all hands reported lost. Daniels is informed on Andor.

Daniels takes a 6 month leave of abscence, he spends it with both his parents before asking for a shipboard placement.
Service Record 3 years on Vulcan for planetside security aswell as studying dessert survival and Urban combat.

2 years on Andor learning winter survival and demolition while serving with Planetary Security forces.

6 month leave of absence for personal reasons.