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Civilian Michel Gerard

Name Michel Gerard

Position Promenade Buisness Owner

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 80kgs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Michel is a well-dressed, poised individual. He likes to keep trim and is almost always wearing a suit. He has dark skin and deep brown eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Yanic Gerard
Mother Gigi Gerard
Brother(s) Louis Gerard
Phillipe Gerard
Roger Gerard
Sister(s) BĂ©atrice Gerard
Other Family Two sisters-in-law and one brother-in-law
Uncle Joseph
Aunt Cora
Grandfather Louis
Grandmother Antoinette

Personality & Traits

General Overview To customers and business partners, Michel is friendly, pleasant and always smiling. He is charming and accomodating, sweet with just a touch of the occasional sarcasm.

To his friends, Michel is sardonic with a sharp wit and even sharper tongue. He can be drole and sassy, often complaining about the very people he was just seemingly so nice to. When pushed, his very short temper will come out and so will his cutting words.

The real Michel is somewhere inbetween.
Strengths & Weaknesses +
Pleasant and Charming
Good sense for customer service
Fashionable with design skills

Short tempered
Razor sharp tongue
Ambitions Michel wants to be a designer with his own successful fashion line.

He is required by family tradition to own and operate a successful hotel or business chain.
Hobbies & Interests Fashion, food, shopping, aerobics, any new fitness craze, the finer things in life.
Languages Michel will only speak English or French.

Personal History Michel was born on Earth, in Paris France in 2355 into the affluent hotelier family, the Gerards, who own multiple resorts and entertainment facilities all over the Alpha Quadrant. It is an incredibly successful business that has been handed down and expanded upon by every generation.

Though Michel is the youngest of Five children, he was also expected to add to the family portfolio and was groomed from childhood into a business/customer service career. All of his subjects in education were related to this industry and he watched as his older brothers and sister went out into the galaxy and became successful in their own rights.

Michel however dreamed of being a designer and often took additional elective classes in fashion, where he learnt all the skills required for the field. Upon graduating university in Paris, he delayed his inevitable role as hotelier by taking an internship at a famous French fashion house.

His family tolerated his extra curricular passion in the beginning, mostly because his protective mother Gigi adored her youngest child and his creative flair for clothes. At her influence, his father, still ever the business minded man, gave Michel ten years to make something of himself, or he would have to join his siblings in the family business.

Michel worked incredibly hard to build his own career, becoming a buyer and planner for a fashion chain and eventually helping to design items for the brand. He also worked on his own designs, which after several years finally gained enough approval to be shown in an anterior show at Paris Fashion Week in 2385.

From there, Michel decided to go on his own and left his brand role to open up his own store, in St Germain Paris, though he was forced to borrow capital from his mother to make it happen. He worked very hard on his collection and was selected to tour his designs on Risa the following year. He was shortlisted to design the official uniform of the French Olympic team in 2386, though ironically the task was awarded to the fashion brand he had left to go solo.

In 2387, his father decided Michel has had enough time to "play fashion" and he would have to start contributing to the family business and repay his loans. He was brought into the company fold just as the Gerards were awarded the planning and business contracts for Deep Space 12's Promenade second level.

Michel agreed to become manager of the DS12 project, as he was able to allocate a space for a boutique fashion store in the Promenade designs. He figured he could both appease his family and follow his passion at the same time.