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Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Name Thomas Jenkins

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description On the shorter end of men of the century, Thomas isn't necessarily an intimidating person. Although he doesn't appear to have much weight to him, he actually hides a body in respectable shape beneath his uniform. It is not uncommon to find the young officer clean shaven with styled hair both on and off duty. Smooth skinned and blue-eyed, he devotes a good portion of his day to his appearance, and it shows. He will take any opportunity that grants itself to remove as much clothing as possible and show off the fruits of his labour. Thomas Jenkins is clearly his own biggest fan.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Captain Michael Bianci (66, Retired)
Mother Cdr Elizabeth Bianci (61, Retired)
Brother(s) Lt.Col Michael Bianci Jr. (KIA at 34, in 2375)
Sister(s) Lt.Cdr Alexandra Bianci (36)
Other Family Two sets of grandparents, both deceased. Parents were both only children, leaving Thomas with only his immediate family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thomas is best described as a big kid in desperate need of growing up. Although on the inside he has the potential to be an incredibly intelligent, focused and dedicated individual, his motives and sense of direction are often misplaced. His intelligence is wasted on recreational information and skills; fighting styles, culinary treats, trivial tidbits - essentially, anything he can use to impress others. His opinion of himself is almost entirely derived of how other people perceive him. The focus and dedication that could in the right circumstances propel his career to unimaginable heights, is instead spent on the lighter side of life: Fun. Although his antics and rebellious nature have won him the hearts of many who would call themselves friends, most are only in it for the entertainment. Thomas knows few that would actually sacrifice anything for him, and his actions have completely ruined his relationship with his family. Unfortunately, from a counselor's standpoint, if Thomas cares even the slightest about the repercussions of his actions, he hides it incredibly well.
Strengths & Weaknesses From early childhood, straight up through the academy and even now through his Starfleet career, Thomas is notorious for getting into trouble. Although getting into trouble is hardly a positive trait, he has developed an uncanny ability to talk himself out of nearly any situation. Good with words, under the right circumstances he makes an excellent diplomat, and he works very well in group settings. Should a situation go awry, his troubled history combined with personal interest has also rewarded him with a formidable fighting style. He his well equipped to defend both himself and others should the need arise.

It would be foolish to assume a lifetime of being the instigator would result in only positive traits. It is not uncommon for Thomas to offend those around him. He is incredibly rebellious in nature, which has caused issues with command structure. He bores easily, and can come off incredibly cocky. Thomas has difficulty being empathic, and is absolutely terrified of hamsters.
Ambitions Thomas has little to no ambition in any aspect of his life. He wants everyone to like him and often feels the need to have all eyes upon him. Thomas has traditionally held no career goals whatsoever, though he gets a particular thrill out of disappointing his father.
Hobbies & Interests The only thing Thomas likes almost as much as himself is the opposite sex. Always feeling the need to be entertained, he is an avid holodeck user. He is particularly fond of outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming, though holodeck visits also tend to get used for exercise and training. He loves the control and thrill of flying. Although piloting a starship is a mild form of enjoyment, he loves a reckless shuttle jaunt.
Languages Speaks fluent Federation Standard and Bajoran. Rough Ferengi and Cardassian.

Personal History Thomas Bianchi was born with Starfleet in his blood. Born on a Starfleet vessel, in Starfleet space; his father the Captain and mother the Chief Medical officer. At the time of his conception, Thomas' older brother Michael had already enrolled in Starfleet. As soon as it was possible, his older sister would follow suit. Starfleet is the Bianchi family's lifeforce - their pride, their passion. Thomas on the other hand is no longer a Bianchi - and Starfleet is his curse.

Thomas, or "Tommy" as he's known by those who'd call themselves his friends, was born to Michael and Elizabeth Bianchi in 2358. The news of his birth, although exciting, was overshadowed by the news of his brother Michael's acceptance into Starfleet academy. Michael was 17 at the time, the product of two young newlyweds. Named after their father, Michael was the firstborn - the favourite. Thomas' older brother didn't have to play the jealous sibling or fight for their parents' affection after the baby was born; he was never neglected, and always had plenty of his own attention. This situation wasn't foreign to Thomas' older sister, Alexandra. The second child, she'd grown up fighting for her parents' attention also, but it was nothing like the struggle Thomas endured. By the time their older brother had been accepted into Starfleet, she'd long given up on attempting to outshine Michael. Content playing out her own life, she kept quiet and excelled through school.

In 2366, Alexandra (or Alex, as only Thomas called her) was offered early admittance into the academy - something even Michael hadn't accomplished. Not surprisingly, there was little celebration on her behalf; that was the same year Michael joined the marines, citing the battle of Wolf 359 as his primary motivation. At eight years of age, seeing his sister's years of work overshadowed yet again by their brother, Thomas simply gave up. After that, despite his older sister's guidance, Thomas began passively seeking attention in different ways - and so his life of delinquency began.

Throughout the years of Thomas' schooling there was a noticeable pattern. Thomas would get home from school to be scolded for whatever destruction he'd caused that day - fights, vandalism, disrespectful conduct, in later years for things like getting caught in a janitorial closet with the teacher's aide. Stories would be told over dinner each night of the drills Michael had instructed the week before, or the scientific research Alexandra had collected. As rebellious as he was, in 2375 Thomas did eventually let his parents badger him into applying for Starfleet Academy. He was accepted, barely, and began instruction later that year.

The Dominion War came to a close during Thomas' first few months at the academy, and although the celebration of victory was in the air, the underlying sadness of those lost in battle was present. During the war's final battle, at 34 years of age, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Bianchi Jr was killed in the line of duty. The death of the Bianchi's shining star greatly affected the family, who spoke little through Thomas' four years at the academy. He was a mediocre student, focussing little on his studies and coping with his brother's death the only way he knew how - rebellion. The only courses he excelled at were those involving flight. If it wasn't for the lack of class participation, tardiness, poor attendance, two unauthorized shuttle jaunts and sleeping with the instructor's daughter, he could have been top of his class in flight school.

Thomas graduated from the academy and was awarded with his commission in 2379. Although most would have thought it impossible, his brother managed to drag the attention away from him one last time when Thomas was confronted by his father after the ceremony. There in the reception hall was the first time the two had spoken in the four years since Michael's death. After a loud argument, Thomas' father announced his youngest son was a mistake and an embarrassment; that he would never measure up to the legacy of his brother, and that he was ashamed to consider him family. That was the only time in Thomas' 21 years that he'd hit his father, and he made it count, having to be pulled off his 58 year old father by three medics before they could attend to his father's injuries. They have not spoken since. Within the week Thomas was no longer his father's family embarrassment - he changed his family name to Jenkins, his mother's maiden name, and was assigned to the USS Saturn as a Junior Helmsman.

Thomas served aboard the USS Saturn for over a year, adding only minor infractions to his record. Following a fight with his superior officer stemming from a spilled coffee, Thomas was reassigned. Through various indiscretions and lack of ambition, Thomas maintained his entry rank of Ensign and Junior Officer status for six years. He was promoted once while serving Admiral Wolfe aboard the USS Wildcat, only to be demoted three hours later after stealing a shuttlecraft to host a celebratory "party in space." He was reassigned shortly after.

The USS Genesis was Thomas' eighth assignment in six years, and his first time serving beneath Beverly DeVuor. Before Thomas even set foot aboard the Genesis, he was assigned to a rescue mission with then-Captain DeVuor, where he contributed in the counter-attack against a Borg force attempting to invade Starbase 611. During the mission he personally saved many lives, including that of his Commanding Officer, with his combat and piloting skills. When the Genesis was assigned to the Starbase and Captain DeVuor was given command of the station, it was those combat and strategic skills that helped the Captain decide to keep Thomas around. Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and offered his first Senior Staff position, Thomas now holds the position of Chief of Strategic Operations aboard the station.

Thomas' indiscretions aboard the station to date have been minimal, although he has become known for sleeping with a number of the crew - including, although not public knowledge, Commodore DeVuor. Though his promiscuous nature and slack attitude toward regulation has made him an enemy of the Chief of Security, Christina Mason. His relationship with the rest of the crew is chiefly positive in nature. Despite a heated, public argument with Commodore DeVuor, Thomas remained on board and retained his position during the command change to Captain Alyssa Crawford at the beginning of the war with the Gorn.
Service Record 2379-2381: Ensign, USS Saturn, Junior Helmsman and Shuttle Pilot.
2381-2381: Ensign, USS Jericho, Helm Officer.
2381-2382: Ensign, USS Thunderbird, Shuttle Pilot.
2382-2383: Ensign, USS Nimitz-A, Helm Officer
2383-2384: Ens/LtJG, USS Wildcat, Asst Chief Helm Officer
2384-2384: Ensign, Starbase 192, Shuttle Pilot
2384-2385: Ensign, USS Saratoga, Helm Officer
2385-2385: Ensign, USS Genesis, Assistant Chief Helm Officer
2385-2386: Lt (JG), Starbase 611, Chief Strategic Operations Officer
2386-Pres: Lieutenant, Deep Space 7, Chief Strategic Operations Officer