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Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Name Livia Harrison

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Force Marshal

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 143 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Personality & Traits

Personal History Livia was born on August 1st 2340, into a family of two children. She would eventually be the third of four children. She was born in the bustling metropolis of Atlanta on Earth. While Atlanta was a very well developed city, many families were forced to live in cramped conditions due to overpopulation. Livia didn't mind as this gave her many opportunities to get close to her family. Her father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine corps when she was born, serving as the commander of a marine training squadron at Fort Gilliam near Atlanta. Her mother was a school teacher, and therefore was always very proactive in each child's education. She never really approved of her husbands career, but followed him no matter what.

Livia's oldest brother, Lucas, was very against the Marines, and upon turning 18, he left on his own and never looked back. He ended up creating his own cargo hauling company and now runs a business that spans throughout the alpha quadrant. Her sister, Julia, was very into medicine, and upon turning 18, joined Starfleet academy to become a doctor. After serving four years in Starfleet, she resigned her commission and started her own private practice. Her younger brother, Jeremiah, would eventually follow in her footsteps as she followed in her fathers, and join the Marines.

Upon her fathers promotion to Colonel, the family moved to the planet Nestus III, where her father was taking up a post as the installation commander of the Marine post there. It was during this time that her interest in her father's work was piqued. She would spend hours after school, walking around the base with her father as he went about his duties. She loved the entire aspect of the corps, the loyalty and dedication, the professionalism, and the perfection that was demanded from every Marine. She knew she would join the Marines, it was just a matter of graduating highschool.

The day of her graduation, Livia sent an application to Starfleet Academy, and within a few days was accepted into the Marine Officers program. Many of her classes would be with fellow Starfleet cadets, but instead of training on Engineering or flight systems, she was learning battle tactics and hand to hand combat. It was during her academy days that she would meet her future husband. Cadet Marvin Harrison was in many of her general classes, and the two hit of a friendship easily. Livia was glad she found someone she could relate to, and was sad that upon graduation they would more than likely go off to different ends of the galaxy.

Her fears were all to true, as she found out upon their assignment day. Livia was being sent to the USS Israel to serve as Deputy Detachment Commander. The Israel was assigned to the area near Romulan space. Marvin was being assigned as a shuttle pilot on Starbase 215, not too far away from Vulcan. The two promised to keep in touch, and with that were on their way.

2nd Lieutenant Livia Johnson reported to a rather brash Marine Captain Fredrick Simmons, the Detachment Commander aboard the Israel. He was rather upset that a brand new butter bar was being assigned as his XO, and was frequently giving her menial tasks to keep her out of his hair. Livia knew this was his intention, but did not let it get her down. She would serve under Fredrick for another two years, until he was promoted and transferred. 1st Lieutenant Livia Johnson was assigned as acting detachment commander until the vessel's CO could find a replacement.

After a few months, Livia was transferred to a rather large Marine post on Betazed. She was assigned as Company Commander in a sniper division. She began to hone her skills as a marksman, and was quickly pointed out as one of the best shits on the planet. A year after her assignment, she was promoted to Marine Captain, and was assigned under Colonel Andrew Viet in a special operations division. She was part of an elite group of about eight officers under Colonel Viet who carried out high profile missions for the Federation. During this time, it was very hard for She and Marvin to communicate, causing a strain on their friendship.

Livia was involved in the mission to save a Betazoid senator from assassination, and nearly sacrificed her own life to save him. The senator, Colonel Viet, and the Marine corps as a whole praised her actions, and gave her a promotion to Major. Due to her injury, she was removed from the special operations division, and was given a post as Detachment Commander aboard the USS Venture, a Galaxy class starship. What she did not know is that Marvin had been transferred to the Venture as well. The two met unexpectedly, and were rather shocked at the encounter. Marvin was a Lieutenant now, serving as head of the Flight Control department onboard the Venture. The two began spending alot of time together, and slowly, a romance began to form. Three years after their assignment, they were married. nine months afterwards, the two were blessed with with twins, Tito and Desiree. Livia soon earned herself a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, with Marvin being promoted to Lieutenant Commander as well. The two were soon transferred to Earth on a special assignment.

Livia's father, not a Lieutenant General, and Commander of the Marine forces in the Alpha quadrant, selected her to be one of his advisers. She was tasked to be the adviser on unit welfare, with Marvin tasked as General Johnson's personal shuttle pilot. The assignment was a rather boring one for Livia, as she preferred the action of being out in space. Things would soon heat up around the office as signs of the Dominion war were looming above their head. A few months before the start of the war, Livia's father retired. During his retirement ceremony, she was given a surprise, a promotion to Colonel. It was at this time that Marvin decided to get an early retirement at Commander, and remain on Earth to give their children a more stable life.

Livia was sent to Betazed again, this time serving under the recently promoted Brigadier General Fredrick Simmons. She was serving as deputy Commander for Marine forces in the 5th Fleet. She saw very little action in the war until it came to Betazed's doorstep. General Simmons was killed within the first hour of the bombing, leaving Livia to organize the ground defense of Betazed. The Jem Hadar forces were overwhelming, and many good Marines lost their lives. Had it not been for Starfleet's timely arrival, Livia surely would have perished with the rest of the detachment. 10,000 Marines were stationed on Betazed when the assault began, 2,412 Marines remained when the assault stopped. Livia was praised for her actions and was given a promotion to Brigadier General, although she felt she did not deserve it. She would serve out the remainder of the war from Starbase 318, assisting the Commander of Marine forces in managing the ground war.

At the end of the war, Livia was reassigned to Starfleet Academy to manage the Marine training center. She was able to see both of her children graduate the Academy, Tito following in her footsteps as a Marine, and Desiree as a Starfleet science officer. Not too long after their graduation, Livia was assigned to lead a Special Operations detachment aboard a Romulan Vessel. She was also assigned as the acting Executive Officer for the 4th Fleet's Task Force 86. She would not remain in that spot long as the IRV Torrell was destroyed on its mission to stop a device capable of creating undead armies. The mission was successful, however she lost a great friend in the battle. Starfleet and the Marine corps were a bit at a loss on where to assign her, as most 1 star positions were already filled. Fortunately she did not have to wait in limbo very long, as the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 86 resigned. She was selected by the 4th Fleet's CO to replace him, and was given a promotion to Major General. She took the Sovereign class vessel, USS Hood, as her flagship when needed. She currently resides as a Federation Ambassador on Starbase 611 after retiring from Starfleet.