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Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Name Akina Jrez

Position Science Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 168 lbs
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue/Green
Physical Description Almost bald (think Picard).
Salt & pepper beard. Jrez is currently wearing his beard close cropped in deference to Starfleet regulations. However, he has no particular preference. He's been known to let it grow out when on a merchant run rather than take to it with a pair of shears and make a mess of it.
Fit & trim but not overly muscular.


Spouse Single
Children None that he knows of....
Father Dorca Naracen (biological)
Mother Marim Ferill
Brother(s) Permi Vexal (older) & Emima Vexal (younger)
Sister(s) Resira Ferill (twin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Not outgoing.
Keeps to himself when off-duty but happy to speak if spoken to.
Slow to make close friends but happy to have acquaintances.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Fit & healthy.
A keen mind which readily absorbs new concepts.
Very good practical engineer.

Hasn't faced combat so is unsure of himself and how he'll stand up under pressure.
Not especially strong physically.
He has no background in Starfleet.
Ambitions Jrez has no desire to be an officer.
One day he will run a full marathon.
Hobbies & Interests Keen interest in ancient Earth history, especially the Roman Empire. Also interested in medieval European history.
He would dearly love to visit Magna Roma one day.
Enjoys an eclectic range of music.
Does not play a musical instrument but would like to learn one.
Singing restricted to 'in the shower'.
Could be tempted to be part an on-board acting group but would not set one up himself.
Languages Trill & Fed. Standard. He is competent in Latin

Personal History Akina Jrez has lived an unusual life.
It began with his birth and upbringing. His mother was in a long term lesbian relationship and he was the product of artificial insemination. He is not biologically related to either of his brothers as they are the progeny of his mother's partner, Siri Vexal. Despite that, being brought up with them the link between them is as strong as that between Jrez and his twin sister.
His father played no part in Jrez's upbringing though he remained a family friend, as did the fathers of his brothers. Jrez was told the details of his parentage on attaining his maturity. Having known his father all his life made it easy for Jrez to accept his father for who he really was.
Jrez has not seen his father for over five years but he keeps in contact over subspace.
He and his mother remain close. He visits both his parents, as he still thinks of his mother and Vexal, whenever on Trill.
Neither Ferill or Vexal have any desire to leave Trill. Ferill is a librarian, currently working in a small biological research institution. Her speciality is in botany and the use of plants in medicine. Her partner is an accountant. Vexal has made extensive study of Ferengi business practises and can recite all the Rules of Acquisition. She has incorporated some of those ideas into her own business but refrains from implementing the less scrupulous ones (or, at least, that's what she says!).
Jrez too has been known to quote the Rules of Acquisiton. He's found it particularly useful when negotiating deals with Ferengi. For some reason, they don't like their own Rules being quoted back at them. Nor is he fussy about avoiding the less scrupulous Ferengi practises. Vexal has often asked Ferill if she's sure who Jrez's father really was. 'He might look like a Trill,' she's want to say, 'but he acts like a Ferengi.' Mind you, in Vexal's mouth that is a compliment.
Jrez's lack of business scruples is a source of constant concern to his symbiont's previous hosts. Jrez chooses to disregard the advice they're constantly offering and go his own way.

As a child, Akina Jrez was fond of tinkering. He delighted in taking things apart to see how they worked - much to his parents consternation. It wasn't until later that he learnt how to put them back together again working. Once that skill was mastered there was no looking back. Nothing was safe from his inquisitive fingers. Most of the kitchen gadgets were disassembled and put back together to perform a completely different function. Motors were of especial interest. Jrez would take a motor apart and refine and improve its performance. The household ended up with some of the most powerful food processors on all Trill.

Akina is the only member of his immediate family who is joined. He came late to Symbiosis program, being almost 23 when he joined it. Originally wanted to be an engineer and studied hard to get his qualifications. He quickly found it did not provide the stimulus he desired; his bent was towards the practical side of things, not theory.
He applied for the Symbiosis program, like many others, in the mistaken belief that being a host would fill the gaps he perceived in his life. That mistake nearly cost him his position. It took much effort on the part of his field docent to disabuse him of his belief and force him to concentrate on his studies.
He finished his degree but sublimated his desire for activity in undertaking a pilot's course in which gained a third class certificate. It was then that he also discovered the ancient Earth language, Latin. His application to these studies is what turned around his field docent's evaluation of his suitability as a host.
He is the Jrez symbiont's fourth host. He was both surprised and thrilled to learn, on being joined, that one of the Jrez symbiont's former hosts, Mezra Jrez, worked with Dr Leah Brahms on starship design. With her theoretical knowledge of warp engines and some studying of works by greats like Montgomery Scott and Geordi La Forge, the transition from the simple engines he'd spent a lifetime fiddling about with to full blown warp drives proved a painless one.

Jrez keeps fit by running. When planetside he runs half-marathons and has ambitions to run a full marathon one day. He has a treadmill in his private quarters which he makes frequent use of but no amount of work on a treadmill can prepare you for the rigours of running a marathon.. He is looking forward to running his holosuite program of famous courses which he can use to get in some real training.

On being joined he signed up on a merchant ship serving the Trill-Ferenginar run. It was an old ship cobbled together from spare bits and pieces which gave him plenty of scope for putting his engineering skills to practical use.
Having proven his ability, Jrez's father set him up with the funds to buy a second hand freighter and hire a crew. That was over twenty years ago. Since then he's owned three different vessels. Each time, he's purchased a nondescript looking ship and tricked it out to perform beyond its expected specifications. It gives him an edge over competitors, allowing him to make his destination ahead of schedule, thus raking in rewarding bonuses. He'd repaid his father's loan within three trips.
Jrez quickly gained a reputation, allowing him to pick and choose his crews. He eschewed large vessels running safe routes for vessels carrying small, specialist cargoes. It is this which has brought him into contact with Ferengi.
Besides his more apparent activities, Jrez ran many cargoes to the Badlands, most of them illegal. He was sympathetic to the Marquis and thought the Federation had sold the colonists out. He refused to run arms but medical supplies and much needed equipment changed hands on a regular basis. The fact that the business was very lucrative only added to the sense of achievement which Jrez felt, that and the numerous time he narrowly avoided detection by the Defiant or some other Federation patrol ship. It was worth it to pay extra for the best pilot available.
Following the annihilation of the Marquis, Jrez went back to the Earth-Vulcan-Shermans Planet run for a break from the dangers he had faced. Now he's getting bored with the easy life so a stint on a starship actually sounds interesting.
He did give careful consideration to the proposal. During the Dominion War, Jrez saw both the good and the bad of Starfleet. He inadvertently got caught up in a Section 31 operation late in the war. He was disgusted by Section 31's lack of ethics. They made Ferengi look positively moral in comparison.
Nonetheless and all things considered, this might just be the new challenge he's looking for.

In the wake of the war, Starfleet found itself desperately short of experienced personnel. Cadets were being pushed through the academy at what many believed to be an alarming rate. Jrez was approached to sign on to fill one of the many gaps. Despite reservations about Starfleet, Jrez agreed on one condition: he be assigned to a science vessel, not a military one. He knows military activity is likely, even inevitable - the galaxy can be an unruly place - but it isn't the primary focus of the mission so he's content with his posting.
Jrez's name was put forward by Ezri Dax. Dax knew of Jrez through his younger brother whom Jadzia Dax knew on Trill. She originally approached Emima Vexal but Vexal was unable to gain a leave of absence from his job on Trill. He put forward Jrez's name as an alternative; an alternative Dax was only too willing to take up.
The offer was almost withdrawn when Quark mentioned he knew Jrez but Dax managed to play down any association with the Ferengi bar owner. Jrez's experience as a merchant was what attracted Dax's attention and made her keen to secure his services for Starfleet, Quark notwithstanding.
Then another complication reared its head. Word of his activities with the Marquis reached the ears of Starfleet Command but nothing could be proven and Starfleet's need was great. The offer went out. Even so, Starfleet imposed its own conditions. They weren't about to grant a commission to non-Starfleet personnel so the offer was as a non-commissioned officer only. Jrez was content with that; he didn't want to be an officer anyway. Yet his record demanded that he be given something more than a junior dogsbody position. In recognition of his experience captaining various freighters, he was made Chief of the Boat.
Service Record Jrez served on Starbase 611 before transferring to Deep Space 12.