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Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Name Tal Navek

Position Executive Officer

Rank Fleet Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Spouse Levia Navek (deceased)
Children Cadet Freshman Grade Sateil Navek

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tal has learned to hide his emotions well, and is ofter regarded as unsympathetic by those who work for him. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Tal cares deeply for his crew and does his best to provide well for them. He likes to have his XO deal with personal problems that arise as its not his strong suit. He takes a no nonsense attitude to dealing with enemy aggression, and avoids diplomatic heavy missions at all costs. An expert intelligence analyst, he tends to gather detailed information on everyone he works with.

Personal History Captain Tal Navek is the Commanding Officer of the USS Anubis assigned to Deep Space Seven. He oversees all operations onboard his vessel and is responsible for the over one hundred and fifty personnel assigned to the Anubis. He also serves as the Executive Officer aboard Deep Space Seven, ensuring smooth operation of the station and seeing to personnel health and wellness when not deployed onboard the Anubis. In the event Deep Space Seven's Commanding Officer departs the station for any reason, Captain Navek assumes Command in her stead. He is a graduate of the Cardassian Military Academy, and a distinguished graduate of Starfleet Academy's Graduate Seminar.

***Larger bio coming soon***
Service Record
2359 - Gil, Weapons Officer CUS Varnok

After graduation of the Cardassian Military, Tal is assigned to the CUS Varnok as a weapons officer. He quickly learns that service to the state was not as glamorous as it was made to be seen in the academy. His entire first year aboard the Varnok was spent scrubbing plasma relays, with very little time at his actual position. He was able to see a bit more action his second year aboard the Varnok, but still not quite what he was after.

2361 - Glinn, Senior Weapons Officer CUS Varnok

Standard promotion to Glinn, reassignment as Senior Weapons officer after showing adept skill and attention to detail.

As a senior weapons officer, he was one of three primary weapons officers who saw the majority of any action that came their way. He began developing management skills, as was quickly becoming a leader onboard the Varnok. His superiors were quick to put him in check, but he was sure it was just because they were afraid of how much more respect the crew gave him than them.

2363 - Dalin, Assistant Security Director Empok Nor

Promoted ahead of schedule to Dalin, reassigned as Assistant Security Director on Empok Nor based on Gul Ramek's reccomendation.

Tal was sure he was on Gul Ramek's bad side until he found out exactly how he received his most recent promotion. He was almost ready to accept the fact that he was wrong about Ramek until he began life on a starbase. The thought of being stuck in one place made Tal a bit uneasy. He loved the fast paced life of a starship, so seeing the same planets and stars day in and day out began to wear on him. He focused much harder on his duties, and was quick to punish detainees for minimal discrepancies. It was during this time he met his future wife Levia.

Spearheaded the investigation into the uprising of several ore workers that resulted in the deaths of Gul Inglam, Dal Vatal, Dal Farem, and Dal Barko. Selected to replace Dal Barko as Security Director on Empok Nor, but not promoted.

Seeing as Empok Nor was a bit short handed after the uprising, Tal was the most obvious choice for Barko's replacement. He loved the feeling of being incharge, of running things his way, though he began to detest paperwork.

2365 - Dal, Facility Logistics Director Camp Kaldana Bajor

Promoted ahead of schedule to Dal, reassigned to Camp Kaldana on Bajor after his success on Empok Nor. Assigned as Facility Logistics Director, arranging the movement and processing of Bajoran detainees for work centers in Camp Kaldana and smaller work camps in the surrounding areas.

When the orders came in saying he was going to Bajor, Tal's heart dropped. While he pledged his life to the service of the state, he completely disagreed with the way the Bajoran Occupation was being handled. Not only that, but now he was being forced to leave his wife and daughter to go live in a work camp. Levia and Sateil moved to Cardassia, as there was nothing left for them on Empok Nor. This job carried even more paperwork than the last one. Tal sat at a desk all day and ensured that the quotas were being met on paper. Instead of being the one enforcing them, he ordered the enforcement, making him feel responsible for every drop of Bajoran blood, sweat, and tears.

Oversaw the execution of Camp Kaldana's Bajoran Detainees after Legate Taveen's assassination

On a simple inspection visit, Legate Taveen was assassinated by a group of detainees. Legate Ular replaced Taveen as the Bajoran Occupation Commander, and ordered that all the detainees from Camp Kaldana be executed. As the ranking officer, it was Tal's responsibility to organize and direct the execution. To this day he has not recovered from that experience.

Reassigned to Camp Lavor as Assistant Facility Director after Camp Kaldana's closure

2370 - Gul, Commander CUS Chaldon

Promoted to Gul ahead of schedule, reassigned to the CUS Chaldon as Commander.

Finally he was back where he felt he belonged. After the successful management of Camp Lavor, it was decided that Gul Navek would undertake more dangerous missions. He and his crew frequently pushed the borders of the Federation, even going as far as five light years within federation space to gather intel.

2371 - Gul, Obsidian Order Agent

Reassigned as an Obsidian Order Agent. Location CLASSIFIED

Seeing how much success Tal had in penetrating enemy lines, he was brought into the Obsidian Order and assigned to gather intel on Federation assets. Receiving surgical alterations, he was disguised as a human, and lived among a group on a asteroid mining station for quite some time. He was finally able to gain access to a Federation comm channel, and within days had detailed information, not only on high value Federation targets, but Klingon and Romulan as well.

2375 - Legate, Commander Fifth Order

Step promoted to Legate to fill a necessity, reassigned as Commander of the Cardassian Fleet's Fifth Order.

With the Cardassian forces taking staggaring losses in the Dominion War, Tal was called up to fill a Legate slot, as commander of an entire Order. He felt he wasn't ready, but his superiors disagreed. He continually got into confrontations with the civilian leadership, Cardassian Military leadership, and his Vorta bosses, making him a constant threat to Dominion security.
Had trouble dealing with civilian higher ups and fellow Legates, causing multiple defeats to the Fifth Order.

2375 - Gul, Commander CUS Dasbar

Demoted to Gul, reassigned as Commander of the CUS Dasbar for the duration of the Dominion War.

Seeing as he could not cooperate with military strategy, Tal was demoted and returned to a starship. He saw little action until the very end of the war.

CUS Dasbar was destroyed in the final battle for Cardassia

Luck, he thought, was on his side the day they lost the war. He survived the Dasbar's destruction, only to find out his wife perished during the genocide on Cardassia.

2376 - Federation Defection

After the death of his wife during the Cardassia genocide, Tal defected to the Federation with daughter Sateil. He agrees to give the Federation high profile intel on active True Way terrorist cells in exchange for Federation citizenship for both he and his daughter, and placement within Starfleet.

2377 - Lieutenant Commander, Intelligence Expert Starfleet Command

Graduated Starfleet Academy's Graduate Seminar as a distinguished graduate, commissioned as a Lieutenant Commander. Assigned to Starfleet Command on Earth as an intelligence expert.

2382 - Commander, Executive Officer USS Greece

Promoted to Commander, assigned as Executive Officer on the USS Greece.

Participated in the liberation of the Libra Omicron system where he was forced to take command after Captain Hester's death.

2386 - Captain, Commanding Officer USS Anubis/Executive Officer Roark Nor

Promoted to Captain, assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Anubis. Upon request by Vice Admiral DeVuor, Tal is also tasked to serve as Deep Space Seven's Executive Officer when not on missions with the Anubis.