Trouble on the frontier

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War games are being staged on the Cardassian side of the border. What does this mean for the security of the sector? Is it just sabre rattling or is Cardassia preparing to stake a renewed claim to be a power in the region?
Is the increase in piratical activity linked or is this some new threat trying to establish itself?

Moving in

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The crew of DS12 have arrived at their new base near the other end of the Cardassian frontier. Now they have to turn a sterile base into a home.

Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

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War is on the horizon as the Cardassian are thrust into a civil war that Starfleet are unable to avoid being drawn into. Gul Keshac has grand idea's of rebuilding the Cardassian empire from the ground up with the help of a willing Federation citizen and a captured Commander Sara Lam.
At the same time a religious dispute flares up in the light of the civil war as a small but growing group of Cardassian flea their home to make a fresh start on Deep Space Seven and eventually Bajor as they see the Prophets as their gods.
Finally, the Romulans take advantage of the situation and attempt to destabilize the situation even further as Empress Tal'Aura seizes the chance to push Starfleet into another war that could mean the end of the Federation.


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First Contact is one of the greatest achievements that a Starfleet Crew can complete and also one of the most challenging. The Crew of Deep Space Seven find themselves thrust into an unexpected first contact encounter that could mean death for each of the senior officers. Quick thinking, light feet and a deadly whit will be needed as the challenge is faced by all on Deep Space Seven when they are thrust into a surreal world of deadly games. Whoever reigns victorious will be the victor supreme and handle the negotiations with the Shar'Vang.

Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

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The USS Genesis, a Nebula Class Starship has undergone a large shake up in recent days. Her CO and XO were lost in action, leaving the ships Second Officer, Lieutenant Commander Beverly DeVuor in command. She is given very little time to adjust, with new crew members arriving and a mission awaiting.

In a nearby star system, the Colony Ship West Ridge has dropped of the radar. Starfleet has been out of contact for three weeks. It falls to Commander DeVuor and her crew to investigate and uncover the dark secrets held in the past of a dead civilization

Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

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With the USS Gensis in dry dock, under going heavy repairs and a major refit after its recent encounter with the remains of a dead civilization, Commander DeVuor and her crew take the time to rest and heal. Some wounds are deeper than others. Beverly must come to terms with the loss of a large number of her crew and the illness that now ravages her body. Commander Lorran and Doctor Ulanova explore more facets to their relationship. Chief Engineer Wesdon is confronted by his family and Ensign Henk O'Brien adjusts to his new position within Starfleet.

Several light years away the planet Linta is undergoing major govermental shakeups with a small team of observers watching and waiting for the time they can approach the civilization for membership into the Federation. However, during a routine assignment, one of the Observers goes missing with no trace.

At the same time, Starfleet recieves a distress signal from a Klingon Vessel in need of assistance, no more information is known as to the situation.

In a difficult position, Starfleet assigns the crew of the Genesis the task of investigating the both calls for help. Commander DeVuor leads one half of her senior staff aboard the Runabout Barrett to investigat the Klingon Vessel, while Commander Lorran leads the second half to the planet Linta.

A divided crew with no back up. The fate of a civilization's lies in their hands.

Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1

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The demise of SB 611 remains unexplained. A self-destruct sequence was initiated as soon as it was apparent that we couldn’t repel the Gorn assault. But.... How did they get so close without warning?
How did such large numbers appear out the the blue and within firing range? How did they manage to circumvent security protocols and beam onto the base in such large numbers?
These questions and more are the subject of a Starfleet Command Board of Inquiry but other parties already think they know the answer and are determined to act regardless of what an official Board might – or, more likely, might not – do.
Section 31 is convinced that there was a traitor on board 611, someone who had access to the protocols and disabled them and who set the sensors to show innocuous readings even when the Gorn fleet was within striking distance. They will, no matter what the cost, root out the traitor.
Their endeavours will be undertaken on two levels. There will be an overt investigation, ostensibly as part of the Board of Inquiry’s probe. Concurrently, they will undertake a covert operation. It is the latter that will be given their full support. A agent will be placed on Roark Nor to conduct clandestine investigations.
Is there a traitor? If so, civilian or military?
Is Section 31 just its usual paranoid self?
Does it recruit anyone on Roark Nor to assist?
How well does it hide its activities?
What methods will the operative adopt?
How will personnel on Roark Nor react?

Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.

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With Vos, Mason, Lake, Diego and Daniels racing to Starbase 611 with Genesis after their successful mission on Linta, Beverly must now lead her crew on the most dangerous mission of her career.
The Borg had once again tried to get a foot hold in the alpha quadrant with the attempted assimilation of Starbase 611.

It falls to the crew of Genesis and with the aid of Major General Livia Harrison and the crew of the USS Hood to save the federation from its most implacable enemy.

Through the course of this mission new friends will be made and old friends could be lost. Either which way, it will be a turning point in the adventures of Captain Beverly DeVuor and her crew.

Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2

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Finally Reaching full operation the station life begins to look brighter, but the crew of DS7 know it cannot last. During an important meeting between the station Command Officers and the Local Cardassian Military Head in hopes of opening trade routes and offering medical aid to the surrounding Cardassian Colonies.

The run of the day takes a drastic twist when long range sensors detect a Transwarp conduit heading directly for the station. What emerges is both terrifying and puzzling. The cube is heavily damaged, millions of drones and several Species 8472 are detected. The cube also launches a sphere at the planetoid as well as a distress call coming through from the cube sent by several liberated Borg Drones.

Which battle front do the crew fight, but more importantly, will the crew survive the multitude of shadows building like a storm on the horizon.

Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.

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With the condition that ravages her body, and her slowly changing DNA, can Beverly DeVuor last out. She is feeling less and less like herself and more of the Alien traits are surfacing. Time is running out.

In a desperate chase to catch her and contain her Commander Lorran Vos must maintain the smooth operation of the station and lead the search for his Commanding Officer. While his lover and the Stations Chief Medical Officer must find the cure.

Each and everyone of the crew will encounter the demon that has arisen. How will they cope... How will they act... Her life rests in their hands!


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With the return of lost friends, and the sorrowful demise of a good and true friend, Fleet Admiral Ethan Baker gathers with those that knew Admiral Zeek Aerelon to honour his memory and share some tall tales of time past.

The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

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Twenty years ago, Doctor Leanne Ulonova, Lieutenant Commander Zeek Aerelon and Lieutenant JG Henk O'Brien were lost, no trace of their runabout was ever found.
Now Captain Lorran Vos of the Federation Starship Farragut stumbled across a twenty year old Federation Runabout. On board he finds the once love Leanne Ulonova and her three colleagues thought previously lost.
Racing back to Starbase 611 Admiral Beverly DeVuor, still in Command with Commander Thomas Jenkins, her First Officer, Captain Lorran Vos with his former CO and his old crew try unravel the mystery of how the four personnel became trapped in time..
They can't be returned to their own time for fear of changing the future, but defying Starfleets Orders, Admiral DeVuor and Captain Lake must find a way to return them to what should have been.

Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3

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With the station finally settling into a major player in local commerce and trade, as well as Scientific exploration into the unknown regions of this sector the crew start to finally feel as if they had found a new home. Tragedy falls however when a Scientific Vessel carrying multiple pathogens and unknown Aliens microbes has a terrible accident while docking with the Station.

A virulent form of pathogen is released into the Stations air circulation system spreading it quickly among the population. Its effects are swift and dire. Each person is cast inward, fighting their own inner fears, trying to overcome their own personal flaws before all is lost.

Fighting the hallucinations to ride the station of this nightmare is a race that not only the Starfleet crew must attempt to win, but one the Civilian population are also stricken to fight against.

Removing The Blindfold. Season 1 Episode 5

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With rising hostilities growing from the boarders of Gorn and Tholian Space, Starfleet has decided to make a preemptive strike having learnt its lesson from the Dominion War. It will be a three pronged attack, one fleet will be striking the main colony of Cestus III, while another will be a strike on Cestus V.
Commodore DeVuor has the task of Commanding the strike against Cestus IV in the hope of retaking a sensor platform that has been turned against Starfleet.

On the flip side, Starbase 611 has been handed to Captain Alyssa Crawford, and some tough changes are taking place upon Commodore DeVuors departure. Left on the Station are a few key officers while the rest are taking the three support ships on the mission to take Cestus IV. All seemed quiet, but a surprise attack takes the crew by surprise!

Into The Scorpion's Nest. Season 2, Episode 5

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........Many years before a secret invasion was halted by Captain Picard and Commander Riker of the Enterprise D. The last that was heard of this force was a signal being sent into the depths of unexplored space.........

........Now, almost twenty five years later strange happenings are occurring within the boarder outposts of the Federation. Stranger orders to reassign crew members to instillations that they have no reason to be assigned too. After reviewing the suspicious behavior, and collating information from the Federation Data banks a frightening similarity has been uncovered. Can the crew of Deep Space Seven stop the Invasion!

All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6

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Not since the Great Experiment of the Excelsior has Starfleet attempted such a major feat of technological advancement. But now something has gone wrong, people are dissapearing. Strange noises and figures are haunting the corridors of starships and space stations seperated by light years. No one is sure what they are. Ghosts, Aliens or just figments of the imagination but one thing is sure, they are angry, and they are getting stronger!

Human Nature. Season 1; Episode 6

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With the war raging, but the recent events in Cestus now dying down, the crew of Starbase 611 slowly start to find their feet once more and lick the wounds after so much tragedy.
With the death of Captain Alyssa Crawford, Starfleet assigns a new CO to the station, but will this new addition be accepted?

Also, the station starts to move towards it ultimate goal, Scientific advancement and exploration. Both the Vault and Engineering Research Teams land on the station working together to expand Federation technology.

At the same time, a shift in the stations composure alters one person irrevocably. Starfleet have to deal with the aftermath of Kristina Mason's words and actions towards the Klingon Ambassador. The JAG team are tested in trying the case while Commander Vos and the rest of Krissy's friends attempt to clear her name.

Plotting New Courses. Season 1, Episode 7

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After the destruction of Starbase 611, Jason Quinn is locked away by a Starfleet Board on Inquiry to analyze his actions in the last few moments of the life of the station.

At the same time, Vice Admiral Beverly DeVuor is taking some leave on Earth and staying at her home in Okinawa, Japan. She is contacted by a Colleague at Starfleet informing her of her next assignment and the demise of her old home.
As a way of keeping her friends together she requests they join her as the Command Staff of support crew for her new Assignment located in one of the most volatile regions of space.

Part of the Team

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The Hobus star has gone supernova. Some have coined the term hypernova to describe the extent of the cataclysm.
Hobus was the main star of the Romulan Star Empire. It was the star around which Romulus itself orbited.
Romulan scientists had forewarning of impending tragedy. With assistance from the Federation they evacuated many Romulan citizens to Qualor III. Even so, millions died in the catastrophe as massive solar winds devastated systems near and far.
The Federation is lending aid to the Star Empire in the form of medical supplies and taking in refugees.
Deep Space 12 is not part of the immediate relief effort as it lies away from what remains of the core worlds of the Star Empire; especially the new seat of government on Rator III.
Our task is to help facilitate the effort in other ways. We will take in refugees to ease the pressure on Qualor III. We will also act as a staging post for supplies coming in from elsewhere in the Federation. From here we can send supplies in convoy to Qualor III.
Reports from within the Star Empire are sketchy at best but it appears that opportunists are taking advantage of the collapse of central government to sieze chunks of the Empire for themselves. As well, freebooters are stealing Romulan artefacts to sell on the black market.
Deep Space 12 has been tasked with keeping the borders with the Star Empire open to encourage legitimate trade but to stop the traffic in stolen goods. It will not be an easy task. Some vessels, like those of the Orion Syndicate are unlikely to be near the Star Empire with good intent but the Ferengi will no likely hide nefarious practices behind a façade of lawful trade.

The move

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Deep Space 12 is in transit. Starfleet has decided that resources allocated to patrol the Cardassian/Federation border would be better utilised in a different location.
The crew of Deep Space 12 are to relocate to the far end of the Cardassian/Federation border.