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USS Challenger   The USS Challenger is a Sagan class, class V research vessel.

DS12 (Roark Nor)    [ View Specifications » ]
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Left Over Cardassian Technology  
USS Tyrrhenian   the USS Tyrrhenian is a Danbue Class Runabout with the extra weapons pod mounted on the Rollbarr
USS Sargasso   Danbue Class Runabout with extra mounted Science pod on the upper rollbar.
USS Arafura   Danbue Class Runabout with attached medical support pod at the rear of the runabout.
USS Seto Inland   Danbue Class runabout used by the stations Engineering Research and Development team in experiments with a new form of Warp Drive.
USS Visayan   Danbue Class Runabout. No designated task but stands ready for any and all tasks that may fall for a general purpose craft.

USS Steadfast    [ View Specifications » ]  
USS Steadfast   The Steadfast is a Defiant class vessel