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Of the awful battle of Starfleet and those beasts

Posted on Tue Apr 7th, 2009 @ 12:23am by

Chief Engineers log stardate: 61871.03, April 7, 2384

Well, just got blown up today...actually...not sure how long I was out, could have been

Anyway, well, yeah, bringing up the shield was, as I knew, quite a dangerous task but it had done. Anyway, recovered now and fighting fit. Literally, I'm all set to take part in the rescue mission for Commander DeVour and Kathy, which I have stood up to go for. I was thinking of developing a sort of weapon with others help that would be expert at combating those beasts because it had their genetic structure, like an iMod for ape-things...

Um, we tried the beacon, but just as we were about to fix the beacon by the ambient metaphasic version field harmonising with the warpfold conjugated internal synchroniser in the self-replicating energy blindfold matrix we were called into the My word, what is happening to my head. Still must need a bit of recovery time.

On...another subject, I think my life has been risked too many times and I think that after the rescue and we return to the Genesis I need to be with my family. Unfortunately it is not likely I can do both so I will most likely end up...leaving...the Genesis.

I won't tender my resignation just yet, but my family have come second to my work for long enough, too long and I just have to be with them again. I bet Mike is listening right now and trying to work out a way to keep me on the ship, but I have made the decision that family comes first.

I need to have a good hard think about my life from this moment on, I've seen too much action...and I'm only 34. Hehe...*sigh*

End log

OOC: This does not mean I am leaving the Genesis. My character is merely considering the idea for development. It will hopefully open doors in the near future for even further development.


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