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Excursions and Big Bugs

Posted on Fri Oct 25th, 2013 @ 3:27am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Personal Log, Marshal Wolfric Bannister, Commander, currently assigned to deep space 12 and smuggling surpression duty in the sector.

We seem to have had a successful scouting / smuggling surpression run. We found a Hideki class scout who was blocking scans, not yielding to law enforcement and just nasty. After a brief discussion, and an opening burst of weapon fire from, we managed to disable their ship. They set the self destruct almost immediately. I am very glad I had Jillian Forst as a deputy. After we captured the 3 survivors and put them in stasis before I boarded the ship with full containment gear to protect me from the radiation and a coolant leak. We found many crates of weapons which were scanned and logged. We also took 2 crates of weapons and one of gold pressed latinum as examples after we logged them. We got out and left in time to bug out before their self destruct too hold.

I came home with a need to visit sickbay. I wasn't sick but I felt a draw there, more than just my affections toward the CMO. I found out a little about a new disease that was on the station. Anabella was already taken by it and she was passed out. Things did not sound good. Counselor O'Reilly also seemed infected. I realized after our last discussion he had interest in Doctor Delrisa and regret that I mentioned the dates that she and I had. I also mentioned that I had developed feelings for her and thought the world of her daughter.

He attacked me after I talked to the Doctor and admitted my feelings for her and Annabella. I didn't realize he overheard and, as I was leaving he attempted to attacked me. After a brief altercation I managed to get some distance and drew my phaser on him with intent to stun. He closed the distance before I could fire to the point that, even on stun, there was a high risk it would of killed him. It was lucky that the Doctor and one of her colleagues managed to surprise and sedate him before anything farther happened.

I am deeply worried about her daughter. She is putting on a strong face, but I can tell she's been rocked back on her heels emotionally. I wish I could offer her more comfort. I wish I could be by her side to help. I am neither doctor nor nurse however. I was a good part time field medic during the war, but I doubt that will be useful in sick bay. At least I may be more useful helping security.

This could be worse than much of what I experienced in the war. I've been ordered to the promenade to help secure it. I've stopped by my quarters and put on riot armor under my fleet issue duster. The carbine in one hand and the helmet under the arm may cause some glances but the badge, I hope, will make people a bit less nervous thinking I am looking for 1 person...A criminal. It's no secret that I am a Marshal. I am hoping that helps.

As mentioned, I am required elsewhere. I also need to meet up with our security chief, Lieutenant Haqtaj Matlh, to coordinate. Bannister out.


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