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Thoughts and expectations

Posted on Wed Oct 30th, 2013 @ 5:39am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Personal log addendum.

You know, I never really expected to get up close and personal with anyone on Deep Space 12. Investigate the Triangle. Hunt down smugglers and criminals in the neutral zone, haul them back and see them prosecuted. Downtime. Repeat. Same as all the other assignments with new parameters, right?

I've met a beautiful and fierce Klingon Security chief who kicks arse and takes names. Met a PI who is attractive in many ways but who's morally questionable in others who has become my Deputy. I suspect I am falling for a Chief Medical Officer thanks to an introduction to a precocious little girl who is now in a coma so far as I know due to a disease which has shut down the station. The CO makes me wonder somehow but I trust the guy to have honest intentions. I wish there were more Jarheads around though. I miss my old friend Corrus. Last told he was Brigadier General and a mission advisor on a Medical Ship after the fallout.

I could use him here these days. I also wish the CO would make up his mind about the rank. The idea of marine mixing with fleet ranks has been kicked around for a while. I know he's busy but I wish Harrison would authorize the change in my rank back to Marine. It's not uncommon. I'd think it an easy choice but I guess things are keeping him busy. Else he is more ineffective than I thought, which I hesitate to consider.

Anyhow I have a job to do. I hope things go well at this point. I worry about Annabella. I hope Soraya can hold up as she is under a lot of pressure. I am sure she will but.....I worry.

I have a job to do. Hopefully I will be able to keep things at stun. If I have to burn down civvies I'll be very unhappy. The cards will unfold.....


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