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The Viral Wars

Posted on Sat Nov 23rd, 2013 @ 10:16pm by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

I recently found out that I have been carrying the virus that has plagued the station and shut down the station. Shortly after, I passed out with a massive fever that could've proved fatal if I had not already been in sickbay.

Waking up was a shock as I did not realize I'd passed out due to the fever plus I relived a battle during the Dominion War rather vividly in my sleep. I have the dreams from time to time, which I understand is normal after such an experience. I smelled the fires, the ozone in the air and, worst of all, the charred flesh from weapons fire. It was a nightmare in the worst sense.

I woke up with a jolt. Counselor O'Reily and I are not on the best terms, which I admit but he was there and tried to keep me calm in a professional as well kind manor. My developing relationship with Soraya Delrisa seems a thorn in his side, which bothers me. I do not regret the relationship but it bothers me that it may interfere with the professional or personal relationship with someone else on the station.

Soraya and Annabelle are becoming a big part of my life. Deputy Forst is another problem. She is beautiful, intelligent, saavy, and someone I trust implicitly. She's saved my life more than once in fact. On that point, I'd like to add letters of commendation to her file as well in addition to Dr. Delrisa, Dr. Morressy, and the rest of the medical staff.

I realize they are all doing their jobs, but they have been exemplary in their work. Above and beyond the call of duty. Thus, it is so noted in my log.

Wolfric Bannister, Marshall....Signing off.


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