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Continued observations

Posted on Tue Apr 7th, 2009 @ 1:17am by

"Chief Medical Officers Log Stardate 61871.25

Several more crewmen have presented with the symptoms related to the infection. We are up to a total of 20 infected now, the first few have completed their transformation. Incubation time seems dependent by species, Humans a 30 minutes to 2 hours, Bajorans, Vulcans, and Betazoids seem to take longer. Some that have been attacked by the creatures have shown an natural immunity to the infection, I haven't been able at all to connect the dots to determine what exactly determines someones immunity. When... or should I say if we get back to Genesis I will take full workups of everyone.

Three crewman have fully turned. From what I can tell there is nothing left of their former selves. When the virus attacks the the hosts DNA and rewrites it. Blood samples from turned patients exhibit less then a 15-20% peptide match of the original carrier. This leads me to believe that although some DNA strands may be able to be corrected long term sustainability and survivability can be negatively impacted. Further more, the infected exhibit very primal aspects, increased hostility, an almost 100% increase in body mass, strength, agility and cognitive senses. We have to constantly correct, adjust and repair the forcefields that we have the crew pent up in. The former crew have been throwing themselves into the walls in attempts to knock them down and disable them. God help us if they get through while we aren't paying attention, it would only take a few moments for it to make its way through the injured and backline crewmembers. I can only hope that the engineers can keep it up.

I am recording these logs and placing them near the homing beacon. We are heading out on a clandestine mission to save Beverly and the bartender, hopefully they are still alive and I pray that they show some kind of natural immunity to it. If not we are going to be walking directly into a lions den. Hopefully we aren't too late..." /end log

Leanne heard the calls from Vos and the search party to hurry over, she handed the Data pads to the head nurse. "If... if we don't come back... please see that these are sent to Dr. Scarlet Menze on Mars Research." The nurse nodded as Leanne walked over to check on Henk.


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