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Marshal's Log

Posted on Wed Dec 25th, 2013 @ 2:59am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

I've faced death and survived. It appears that I am the only human to survive the current disease that has infested DS12. Apparently I did not suffer the usual symptoms. I carried the virus for a time before my immune system recognized it as an infection, went on the attack and it knocked me out with a fever that was dangerously high. I have to thank Councilor O'Reily and Dr. Delrisa for their quick actions.

I was pleased to spend time with Annabelle Delrisa after. Nick apparently has a bit of an issue with live food, as the gagh I had delivered left him a little unnerved. Understandable I guess. The young lady and I enjoy the dish so we had at, being very hungry and being fond of the dish. I regret the sour effect it had on Nick, but it seems the noodles Anna had and my slice of pizza was not enough for either one of us.

Having had little experience with younger children, I find myself pleased that Annabelle and I get on so well. I wonder if she realizes how much I have fallen for her mother. I wonder if her mom knows. I've never been one to seek out a family outside the one I was born into but this situation seems so perfect....So right. I adore them both with all of my heart. My life is fuller with them involved and I am not sure I can go back to the way things were should they fail. That, in fact, scares me.

I've been a bachelor, I've been a warrior, and I have been a law man. All suited me well. The role I am considering now is daunting and new, but I think it suits me best. A boyfriend and perhaps, down the road, husband....And a father. To die for someone is so easy, so clean. To live for someone....That is new outside leading a platoon or battalion. I excelled at the rest. Maybe I can do the rest. Just maybe. I hope those involved agree. I can only dream and hope......

End log.


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