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Marshal's Log, personal

Posted on Mon May 12th, 2014 @ 12:15am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Things are going well. The plague is on the down swing, thanks to Doctor Delrisa in large part. Not sure that I helped much, but I hope that I helped some. While having the disease was a nightmare, it was almost heaven working with the Doctor.

She's agreed to be my girlfriend. It's been a while since I've been in an exclusive relationship but it feels right. Her daughter is so amazing too. She trusts me implicitly and I can't help but love the little girl. I've dealt with the kids in my extended family and, while we always got along very well, there was an awkwardness that I tended to hide. I don't have that with Annabelle.

I will admit, there was a moment in the very beginning where I was drawn to two of my colleagues. Jillian Forst is a beautiful and woman that I felt a connection with from the start. She's also turning out to be the best damned deputy I could imagine and a good friend. If the universal coin had flipped onto the other side, partner may take a few meanings. However I have no regrets with the fact I fell for Soraya. I've decided that I want both in my life even if both relationships are going in different directions.

On better news, I am back to having a marine rank. Instead of a Lieutenant Colonel, as I expected, I've been given the rank of Colonel. Hopefully I've not goofed by giving into the urge to give my Deputy a bear hug when I found out the news.

The adventure continues I guess....


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