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Posted on Sun Jul 27th, 2014 @ 5:38am by

Preparations have begun for the move to our new home. However, I find I can not devote the time to them that I would like. I have just been informed that our Executive Officer, Commander Ethan Kent, has been recalled by Starfleet. He is to head up a new fleet though Starfleet has not been forthcoming with further details.

I am beginning to think the position of Executive Officer aboard this station is cursed. Kent was the third we have gone through in quick succession.

Meanwhile, the businesses on the Promenade are in a state again. They were hoping to start their recovery from the plague: now they find out that Starfleet will be leaving the station. I will have to do the rounds to assure them that they will not be completely abandoned. However, a reduced Starfleet presence on Roark Nor, as I gather I must now call the station, will undoubedly affect their bottom line.


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