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A brief moment of peace

Posted on Wed Oct 15th, 2014 @ 5:56am by

Captain’s Personal Log

I am enjoying a rare moment of peace in my hectic schedule. Lieutenant Shire and her team will have reached their new home by now. I have not heard from them but do not expect to for some time yet. Starfleet has assured me there were no traps or other surprises awaiting them but they will need to get systems up an running before they have time, or the capacity, to send messages back.

Lieutenant Svardberg seems to be settling in well. I have read a report of her meeting with Madame Haqtaj. I am rather surprised, all things considered, that it did not come to blows. I am more concerned with her meeting with Legate Vadrek. I do not trust the Cardassian. He has a way with words which obfuscate his meaning and intent. Every time I have spoken with him I have found myself agreeing with what he says, only to reflect on it later and realise that there was not a lot of substance among the fine sentiments and assurances of friendship and co-operation.

Business is slow to pick up on the Promenade but there are signs that it will recover. The crew is busy preparing for departure but civilians are starting to walk around and catch up on a bit of shopping.

In fact, I think a visit myself might be a good use of my time right now. It would not hurt to be seen patronising a business or two. It would give a good example to the crew.

Computer: end log.


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