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Posted on Thu Feb 12th, 2015 @ 12:03am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Well, the exodus is on and into action rather than planning. Soraya and Annabelle are gone and I am about ready to board the Earp with Deputy Forst in a bit for our side jaunt.

This will be the first time away from my girls for the first time since we all met.....And I miss them already.

I am finding myself betwixed and in between. I've come to enjoy my job. The traveling, enforcing the law, bettering lives. However with the position of Acting Executive Officer I find that I still have the potential and opportunity to help but in different ways.

The other part is that I am enjoying the traveling less now since it takes me away from them. I am growing more interested to coming home and spending time with the woman I love and....My little girl.

This is one of the decisions I have ever had to make. I, however, think that when I get to the new station that I will be coordinating with Captain Harrison and the Marshal service to exchange my badge for the loss of the acting part of my Executive Officer title.

Sometimes changes is good. It's also daunting at times but .... If it was safe it'd be comfortable though. Anyhow, my duties await. Lt. Colonel Wolf Bannister....End personal log.


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