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Back in the game

Posted on Sat Feb 14th, 2015 @ 3:14am by

Being back in Starfleet is so far has been less then stimulating for me, I know it's not been anywhere near long enough to make a full judgement about this. I believe once we reach DS 12 things should become more interesting for me. The captain has been surprising thus far and I feel I will get along with him quiet well but so far he is the only person I have spoken with when it comes to the staff of the station and I do not look forward to meeting the rest.

Being older then most of the senior staff of the station and being only an assistant chief is somewhat disheartening but I guess I need to start over from scratch. I also have my concerns about being a former lawyer on a remote station and having this nagging feeling that I will be forced back into service with the JAG office which I do not wish to do and I hope the captain understands my feeling on this.

Hopefully there will be plenty to do on DS 12 when we arrive as I feel the need to get up and get right down to the hard work. I am feeling antsy and just wanting to get started and just do what I am needed to do for starfleet and hopefully get my career back on track and once again get to my desired goal.


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