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Just shy of the jumping point

Posted on Tue Dec 1st, 2015 @ 6:49am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Marshal's log and Executive Officers Log, Deep Space 12

I do not normally combine duty logs however in this case, they coincide. The whole situation with Lax is a situation I cannot wait to see end. I freely admit that I am pushing the letter of my orders from Starfleet Command to the brink....However I think the spirit allows for that.

I'd be a liar if I said that I didn't feel a bit more personal motivation than usual. Between the attempted assassinations of me and Lt. Forst in addition to what was done to Victoria Marie (see attached report).....

What's funny is that I think most people would want to see Lax dead after that. I find the idea of seeing him sent to a rehab colony for 25 to life much more satisfying.

That leads me to a decision I am facing. I have been a marshal since right after the Dominion War. It's been satisfying as well as rewarding. I was nearly floored when I was offered the temporary position of XO. Then it became official......That was an honor I'm not sure Captain Harrison realizes how much that meant to me.

It also leaves me with a decision. This whole situation has made me realize that the two positions may not be as compatible as I thought.

Also I have Soraya and Annabelle Delrisa in my life. I'm living with them in a 2 bedroom sweet for crying out loud. I'm unsure how far our relationship will go but I know it will be shorter if I am constantly gone or killed in action. While I do not consider a station executive officer completely without risk but I am not sure I can justify continuing to throw myself into dangerous situations.

This may be my last ride as part of the Federation Marshal Service. That is not confirmed yet however I'd be wronging my superior officers if I were to spring this on them on a later date.

Lt. Colonel Wolf Bannister, Sector Marshal and XO, DS12...out.


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