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Edited on Mon Dec 7th, 2015 @ 1:50pm

Ensign Luke Whitmire's Personal Log,

I was, honestly, bored, and I decided to record this log to satisfy my emotional need of boredom. So far, I've had no recent missions lately, and that started to make me think of one year earlier, when I first transferred here. I was half-heartedly disappointed, because I was looking forward to serve aboard a starship. An advanced one, perhaps. They got to move around a lot, because starships were mobile. Perhaps an opposite of Deep Space 12. The station was...stationary. We don't move a lot. At that moment, half of me felt excitement surging down my spine, for then I realized that I could still participate in missions, perhaps not a diplomatic one. I am, personally, terrible at diplomacy and I could start a war because of my recklessness, according to 99% of the people that I am acquainted. Shame. But I was, I'd say, "acceptable" at Science. Physics, to clarify. Chemical is O.K, and I'm not sure how to rate myself at biology. But that's to be discussed on another day.

*Whitmire had his hand off his personal log for a second, before silently landed his thumb on the button and continued*

The missions, at first, I believed to be...militaristic, and much diplomacy involved. Now I realized that exploring has a part in this mission to preserve peace between the Cardassians and the Federation. And Science officers were required as well. And also, that is to be discussed in an unspecified time in the not so distant future. For now *There was a brief moment of silence wheny th his fingers left the button, before he pressed it again* I'd say that I'd actually warmed up to this new home.

End of Luke Whitmire's Personal Log *And his fingers officially left the button, the recorder went dead*


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