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Return to duty

Posted on Tue Dec 15th, 2015 @ 4:57am by

So much for going away for a holiday. I did not even get a chance to read that copy of ‘The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Federation’ that I picked up while attending the Admiral’s ball. It was probably out of date by now, anyway.

There is too much going on here to warrant my absence. Colonel Bannister is organising a reprisal against the pirates. It will be a major offensive designed to weaken their capacity to stage raids. He is fully occupied with that which leaves him little time for the day to day duties of an XO. Given that he virtually took command while I was recuperating, that has left him behind schedule.

More significantly, news has arrived of an attack on Gaspar. It could just be a localised event but my thoughts tend towards the pirates. It could have been Cardassian dissidents but they have been quiet of late. On the other hand, the pirates need a new sensation to follow up on the assassination attempt on Deep Space 12; especially in view of the failure of that attempt. Propaganda about the success of the attempt can only go so far; they need to be seen to be doing something.

There is another problem which needs to be addressed. Reporting of piratical activities has become extremely problematic. The Federation News Service tries to maintain a balanced approach but organisations like Quadrant’s Voice have gone overboard. They’ve been running outrageous banner headlines linking the pirates to Cardassia. To read their reports, all Cardassians are pirates. They decry It feeds on memories of the Dominion War and underlying anti-Cardassian sentiment.

Unfortunately, if anything is designed to drive disaffected Cardassian youth into the hands of the dissident groups, that is it.

All this means I need to take back the reins of office. I suppose the first task will be to see Doctor Delrissa. She will demand a full medical before she authorises my return. I might as well get it over with now rather than have to keep fending her off later.


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