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Police action preperation

Posted on Tue Dec 22nd, 2015 @ 4:39am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Personal log ---- Executive officer and Federation marshal.

(Temporarily marked top secret until current operations complete)

The countdown is on. Jill and I will be striking out on the Steadfast with a couple of KDF escorts to round up Lax and his head cronies along with all the sentient flotsam we can get our paws on for trial.

Another strike force will be striking out as to probe and screen. As of now, I'm expecting it to be a Starfleet lead but comprised of KDF, Cardassian and even Romulan ships. That last part was a surprise but it seems like I've friends that I didn't know about --- at least allies of convenience.

The Klingon ambassador never ceases to surprise me....pleasantly. With my growing relationship with Soraya and Anna had an unexpected benefit. Acceptance by the ambassador who is, for lack of a better analogy, Anna's godmother. Klingons are very hard to impress. I'm not complaining at all.

I'm hoping to see Soraya and Annabelle....And perhaps our temporary guest as well...Before I set off for my part of this mission. I've a feeling this is not going to be pretty and I am not sure when we'll be seeing each other again. I love them both very much. We're getting a little more serious than most of my past relationships and quite honestly.....I'm enjoying it.

I am still giving serious consideration to turning in my badge when all is said and done. I'll miss the adventure however being XO of Deep Space 12 will not be uninteresting if I go that route. Either way I will be insisting on retaining my status as a marine. It has become part of my identity and that is one thing I do not wish to change.

My friend, General Corrus actually started as started as a Lt. JG as the tactical officer on XFY but, due to his recorded skill as a pilot, he was reassigned to command of a wing at XFY. He moved back and forth between fleet and the marines depending on the assignment.....Some CO's had Fleet squadrons while others insisted on marine squadrons.

General T'rannus-Wild, his detachment CO while he was squadron commander on Melbourne, asked him to retain his marine rank before she died. He kept wearing green all the way to TF9's Chief of Staff before being recalled to Earth...He's not said anything, but I know he misses being in the black.

With that being said, that example has only strengthened my resolve.....However we'll just have to see how things go. My decision is not made despite my consideration getting more serious.

Anyhow, this log is turning into a novel despite my intentions to the contrary. . Signing off.......


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