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Quadrant's Voice newspaper article

Posted on Wed Dec 23rd, 2015 @ 5:35am by


Death of Well Known Private Eye

Following an assassination attempt, Jillian Forst, a person with business interests on Deep Space 12, was incarcerated on charges of assault causing grievous bodily harm. It has been alleged that Forst used excessive force in subduing her attacker. Quadrant’s Voice can report that Forst actually went beyond subduing the attacker and violently interrogated him.

Forst was held in custody on DS12 before being transferred to a Starfleet facility on Lagash. There, she was brutally assaulted. Quadrant’s Voice understands that pirates belonging to the organisation headed up by the infamous Lax Rendo’re isolated her in the exercise yard. They quickly took Forst to the ground and kicked her to death. Credible witnesses state the yard guards had been paid to look the other way.

Forst left behind no known relatives and no associates came forward to claim her body. She was cremated at the facility.

Starfleet has announced a reward of 5,000 credits for information leading to the conviction of those responsible.


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