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The Odd Couple

Posted on Tue May 5th, 2009 @ 11:14am by

Chief Engineers log, stardate 61949.19.

My family are now onboard the ship, both my wife and my two children. This comes as a great surprise to me, and I'm not naming names because I don't have to, everyone knows that Michael did it, but it's actually kinda fun. Drinks in ten forward, deck tours, meeting new crewmembers, and I think Alex is becoming more and more interested in Starfleet. Perhaps tomorrow I might give them a tour of Engineering, that might be fun. I'll ask the kids what they want to do, but I know the Bridge is out of the question. Although, I'm personally not sure what is going to happen when the mission comes up. I mean, I can't bring them with me, that would be unorthadox. Hm, maybe I can get Merlin to keep an eye on them.

But I'm worried about Mike. After everything that went down on Latanna Prime, when he gets back and finds that Eline Stadi had died, well it must have been hell for him. I better go and check up on him, make sure he doesn't get blind drunk or something like that. When he takes pills it worse, they go straight to his head, whooph. I had better go, I'm meeting Jo in Ten forward again. she prefers her own cooking, but i'm impressed she's willing to try some new and 'exotic' dishes.

Log ended.


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