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Marienborg - Part One

Posted on Wed Mar 23rd, 2016 @ 3:38pm by Magnus Temple
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Location: Marienborg Manor, Denmark, Earth
Time: 2385 (Three Years Prior)

Magnus stood in the formal lounge by himself, as the shouting continued next door. He looked at the carefully decorated mantlepiece, which appeared more or less the same as when he came here as a child; just the photos in the frames had changed. There was a stillness about this room, a poised museum of historical furniture and pompous officialdom.

Marienborg was the Danish Statsminister's formal residence; a 600-year old preserved mansion located in the quiet countryside of Zealand, Denmark. It was a place where technology had barely invaded and 18th century living remained. Magnus had spent several holidays here at the Manor as a child with his brother Nicolas.

Magnus remembered it as an odd place to come as a kid. Holidaying at Marienborg was like spending your summer in a porcelain store.

Now, even as an adult, the place still caused Magnus to stiffen his posture and watch his step. Of course, his parents were still the same. Arguing behind closed doors, shouting at each other as if neither Magnus and Nicolas or the staff could hear them.

" promised me!" Came his father's voice. "No more of this."

"For goodness sake Spencer," his mother replied, "It's just one term."

"ONE TERM!" His father cracked, "You told me that last time and you ended up Statsminister."

Magnus sighed and looked out the window. His parents were arguing because his mother, the infamous and loved former leader was considering another term in Parliament. Magnus, himself near the end of his maiden term as an MP, had helped orchestrate the political maneuvers to create a cushy position for her; to lend respectability to the government and his own career.

It would be a coup to have the great Brigitte Temple back in Parliament.

The current Statsminister had given Magnus a weekend at Marienborg to the Temple family, including Nicolas, his wife and daughter. It was to convince his mother and father of their plan, hoping the return to the familiar location would tempt her back into European political life and involvement with United Earth. Temple had given up his Federation career to try out this life and now coming to the end of his first term, was trying to decide for himself whether to stay or return to Star Fleet. His father, the career Doctor and Commander, was not shy about his desire to go back into service.

As if on queue, his father Spencer opened the door and entered in a huff.

"This is your doing, Magnus," He barked.

Magnus was taken aback. This was the first time he'd been involved in his parent's arguing.

He shrugged, "I just created the opportunity."

His mother Brigitte entered after him, rolling her eyes. "No one makes me do anything, honey."

"We had a deal, Brig," Spencer replied, looking earnestly at her, "It was my turn to focus on my career. I was hoping to do some actual good for the Federation and join a colony."

"We still need Doctors on Earth," Magnus added. "I hear the UFP Medical board may have some upcoming vacancies."

His father smiled despite himself, "Always pulling strings, eh Magnus? I don't want a cushioned desk job making speeches. I want to do real work."

His mother scoffed, "Is that what you think of our work?"

Spencer Temple sighed, "There's a whole galaxy out there full of opportunities and you want you want to spend your lives stuck on Earth in an antiquated Parliamentary system with very little relevance."

"That's crap!" Magnus snapped.

"Magnus don't swear at your father," His mother scolded. "He's entitled to his view."

Magnus threw up his hands and walked over to the mantlepiece again.

"One term in United Earth could give you the backing and support to head any colonial expedition you want," Brigitte soflty said.

Spencer shook his head, "I've already spoken to superiors in Star Fleet, there's a new settlement on the Beta Quadrant border that requires a CMO,"

Brigitte raised her eyebrows, "I see."

His father shrugged, "I was labouring under the impression I would get my chance soon, as part of our deal, and I wanted to be prepared."

"A new colony will be rustic at best," Brigitte complained, "We'll live on synthesized food and undeveloped land, with a bunch of strangers. And we're a little old to help with the populating, darling."

"Well gosh darling, all the prestigious colonies are already taken," He replied, to which his wife scoffed again.

Magnus stood up again, "My work is important. I'm proud of it."

Spencer laid a comforting hand on his son's shoulder. "Of course it is. I didn't mean to imply otherwise. But you know what life in active service is like, you know it's a whole different experience to this." He waived his hand around the formal, stoic room.

"Without the world we maintain here on Earth, there is no Federation or Star Fleet." Magnus said, quoting himself from his election campaign.

"...Here he goes," Brigitte smiled.

"...I've heard it before, son" Spencer added.

"Earth is the beating heart of the Federation," Magnus continued. "The peace and unity we have created, the free and fair society we maintain, the prosperity and hope we teach here, is the highest achievement of humanity. Earth is the standard to which we conduct ourselves and the image we convey to all others."

"...Cue the music," Spencer murmured.

"...someone raise the flag," Brigitte returned.

"Our enemies live in chaos and war, we live in peace and unity. We succeed because Earth succeeds." Magnus spoke, "But these achievements cannot be taken for granted, we cannot allow ourselves to slacken our resolve and focus. Utopia is only maintained by the hard work of dedicated souls taking a vested interest in keeping Earth as great as it can be."

His parents applauded loudly, both lovingly and mockingly. Spencer gave his son a jolly slap on his shoulder. Brigitte privately wiped a tear from her eye.

"Pulled out the big speech," Spencer nodded. "That's a low blow to your softy father."

Magnus shrugged, "It's how I feel and it's what I do."

Brigitte shook her head, "Darling, you don't need to worry about me becoming Statsminister again. Clearly our son has designs on the job."

Spencer and Magnus laughed, though Magnus was enticed by the idea. If Magnus did want that job, having his mother in Cabinet would give his candidacy an incredible boost. Spencer caught his son's reflective thoughts and laughed again.

"Clearly it's crossed his mind," He said.

Magnus shrugged, "Anyone who has stepped into Parliament has thought about it."

"So," Brigitte spoke up, "What do you say, Spence?"

His father was just about to enter when an alert klaxon blasted loudly into the room. In a heartbeat two Federation officers entered quickly and seriously, then dragged the family into the center of the room.

"What's the meaning of this!?" Brigitte snapped.

"Security threat." An officer answered coolly. "We have reason to believe there is dangerous person or persons on the premises."

Everyone was deathly quiet, only just hearing their hearts pounding loudly in their chests. Suddenly, Brigitte gasped.

"Oh God! Where's Nicolas?"

To Be Continued....


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