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Marienborg - Part Two

Posted on Fri Apr 8th, 2016 @ 1:47pm by Magnus Temple

Location: Marienborg Manor, Denmark, Earth
Time: 2385 (Three Years Prior)

Magnus looked between his parents and the two Star Fleet security officers who had just arrived; he was perplexed and afraid by their news. One minute ago they had been arguing over careers and now they faced an apparent dangerous intruder to their quiet countryside family drama.

To make things worse, his brother and sister in law were somewhere unknown.

His mother Brigitte gasped, "Computer locate Nicolas Temple."

The silence was deafening.

Her husband Spencer tried next, "Computer, respond."

Again, silence.

"Internal systems went down fifteen minutes ago." Thurston, the lead security officer responded, "Thankfully the security system is on a different network."

Spencer scoffed, "I'm not comforted by that. Tell us what is happening!"

Magnus looked to Thurston as he explained the system had shut itself down and they were investigating when security picked up an armed intruder on the property.

"On the grounds or in the house?" Magnus asked.

"Grounds, we believe the Manor is secure." Thurston replied. "We have alerted our superiors and back up will be coming."

Brigitte paced, "This makes no sense. Why would anyone want to attack us, and especially during the day?"

"Unknown, Ma'am," Thurston replied, "But they have caught us by surprise."

"Can the security system locate the intruders?" Spencer asked, still panic in his voice. "Where are they?"

"Unknown, sir," Thurston replied.

"Well can we trust the security system isn't playing up as well?" Magnus asked, somewhat hopeful. "Maybe it's picking up a wild deer?"

"Unlikely but we won't take the risk," Thurston replied.

"We have to find Nicolas and Emilie," his mother exclaimed, "She's pregnant and they won't know what the alert was about."

Thurston shook his head, "There's only two security personnel here, yourself and Magnus are our primary concerns until back up arrives."

The family looked to each other in numb discomfort. As the two Government leaders in residence, Magnus and Brigitte were to be locked down in the event of a threat. It was a cold reality and no one had expected anything like this to happen. Not at Marienborg, not on Earth.

Magnus felt a chill of guilt and stood up suddenly.

"I'm going to find Nicolas," he declared, "One of you stay here, one can come with me."

"That's not enough protection," Thurston replied.

"For goodness sake I'm a trained Star Fleet officer," Magnus huffed, "I can defend myself."

Without waiting, Magnus grabbed an iron poker from the fireplace and strode outside, Thurston following close behind while giving orders to his companion to keep Brigitte and Spencer secure.

Magnus walked into the quiet, empty corridor. Not even the staff could be seen or heard. He wasn't sure if that was a good sign or not. Thurston moved ahead with his phaser drawn, Magnus wishing he'd brought something more substantial for a weapon.

They reached the grand foyer and there was not a soul to be seen. Pictures of former Statsministers hung around the walls, watching quietly as the afternoon sun gleamed from outside. The two made their way upstairs, as the wood creaked loudly underfoot. Temple stopped and they waited to hear something in reply. Anything. And yet silence reigned again.

Magnus whispered, "Did you see any staff on the way to the lounge?"

Thurston shrugged, "I don't recall... No."

Magnus frowned and they continued upstairs. On the Landing, Thurston peered around and confirmed no movement. Quickly and quietly they made their way down the corridor and finally made it to Nicolas' room. Temple knocked on the old wood door.

"Nicolas, it's Magnus," He hissed. "You there?"

There was muffled talk and the sound of furniture moving. The door swung open and Magnus and Thurston rushed inside. Magnus quickly hugged his brother as the security officer looked around.

"You're okay?" Magnus asked, looking between Nicolas and Emilie.

They both nodded as Emilie hugged her brother in law. "I was just relaxing by the window when I saw him."

Thurston turned to her, "Him?"

"Yes, he was around the treeline over by the stables and I knew he wasn't Star Fleet," She replied, "he was wearing all black, carrying a phaser rifle and it looked like other weapons on his belt."

Nicolas put an arm around his wife, "She tried to use the computer but the system was down. We managed to alert security and barricaded ourselves inside."

Magnus looked and saw they had placed some of the formal historical furniture against the door. "Where did he go?"

"Don't know, he was just around the trees, didn't appear to be heading to the house." Emilie shrugged. "I guess I panicked."

"You did the right thing," Thurston nodded, heading over to the window. He ducked down close to the floor and peered slowly out the bottom corner. He looked around for several minutes, not seeing anything.

Magnus turned to Nicolas, "When was the last time you saw anybody else?"

"Not since lunch," He replied. "But Emilie was resting so we weren't to be disturbed. Though I heard you lot arguing downstairs."

Magnus laughed sheepishly, "Sorry, Dad didn't like my idea."

Thurston turned back to the group, "We have to make it back to the lounge, we're stronger all together."

"What's happening?" Nicolas asked, exasperated.

Thurston was already heading out the door, phaser drawn and looking around. Magnus nodded for the others to follow him and they walked quietly behind one another back out into the corridor.

As they walked, heading back to the stairs, Nicolas couldn't help but tug on Magnus' arm and hiss. "Tell me what is going on!"

"I can enlight you." Came a strong, deep voice.

The group were back at the landing. Downstairs in the foyer there was the Intruder, standing proudly over Magnus' parents as they knelt on the floor. He held the phaser rifle menacingly towards both their heads.

"Welcome Magnus," he proclaimed, "So glad you could join us."

To be continued...


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