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Marienborg - Part Three

Posted on Sat Apr 23rd, 2016 @ 3:49pm by Magnus Temple

Location: Marienborg Manor, Denmark, Earth
Time: 2385 (Three Years Prior)

Magnus stood frozen on the landing, watching this mad man waving a phaser rifle between his parents. Intuitively, his brother Nicolas had moved in front of his wife, while their security guard Thurston inched his hand closer to his own weapon.

Downstairs in the foyer, stood their intruder. An older man with salt and pepper beard and a nasty snarl upon his face. He was dressed all in black with a combat belt complete with two side arms attached. He clearly came prepared.

He smirked as he looked between his hostages, then back up to his captive audience on the landing.

"Drop your weapon," He ordered to Officer Thurston in a thick American accent.

Thurston hesitated and so Magnus hissed at him, "Do it. He's got my parents."

"I told you we shouldn't have separated," Thurston shot back angrily, as he reluctantly dropped his phaser.

"Whatever you want," Magnus' mother Brigette spoke up, "Just name it. But be quick, back up will be here soon."

"Hush now Madame Statsminister," The intruder barked. "You don't want to end up like your security officer."

Thurston flinched, balling his hand into a fist at this statement, realizing he couldn't see his partner officer, "What have you done to him?"

"Relax Star Fleet, he's just napping." The intruder smirked. "Like the rest of your minions."

Magnus couldn't believe one man had managed to over come their technology and security so easily. Not to mention apparently gain the upper hand over them all.

But of all his questions, Magnus could only find one to say aloud. "Why are you doing this?"

The intruder actually laughed and shook his head. "You don't remember me, do you? So frelling typical!"

The Temples all looked to each other in confusion.

"Sargeant Johnson, UFP Marine Corp. Former." He replied.

Thurston gave a nod, realizing as Magnus did that this was no ordibary intruder. And this explained how he was able to infiltrate the Manor so easily. But all but one of them were completely unaware of who this man was still. Only one knew the answer.

"Oh... no." Brigette suddenly whispered.

"Ah I see the Madame has caught on." Johnson hissed, waving the rifle over her head.

"You leave her alone!" Her husband Spencer suddenly barked, but that only caused the Marine to slam the rifle butt into his face.

The family cried out as Spencer slumped over unconscious. Thurston moved to attack but Magnus grabbed him, not wanting to cause more violence.

"Smart move Magnus," Johnson laughed. "Tell your failed soldier to settle."

Thurston gritted his teeth, seething at his lack of control over this situation.

Johnson looked back to Brigette. He smiled as he pressed a small tricorder and a panel in front of them switched on. Until now, Magnus hadn't seen the vid screen which had been set up by the intruder. Clearly there was a specific goal this man had in mind.

"We're going to tell the world a little story." Johnson explained. "I'm going to record it and it'll be broadcast across all UFP channels."

"What story?" Magnus asked hastily.

"Brigette? Care to take this one?" The Sargent snarled.

Brigette looked up to her sons and sighed. The intruder had turned on the recording and she saw herself in the vid screen, sitting on her knees with this madman behind her.

"Yes." She finally answered.

"Tell them who you are first," Johnson menaced.

She sighed, "My name is Brigette Temple, former Statsminister of Denmark, Chair of the European Council, Delegate to United Earth."

"And what did you do, Brigette?" Johnson prodded.

Brigette looked plainly into the screen, "As a political leader, I was often forced to make tough decisions. One of them was the decision to hand over a Federation colony on Thyssius Two to the Cardassians at the end of the War,"

"YOU ABANDONED US!" Johnson suddenly screamed, causing Brigette to cower and flinch.

"It was a negotiation to allow for peace," Brigette argued, despite her fear.

Meanwhile, a sinking feeling had crept over Magnus and he suddenly gasped as he remembered.

"I was in the Diplo Corp," He spoke up, "I was interning with the Commissioner when the decision came down. I had to compile the colony manifest to determine the logistics of the move."

Johnson nodded angrily, looking between the two. "My men and I had fought FOR YEARS to keep those people safe. And you people told us to pack up and leave. Like it was NOTHING!"

Both Brigette and Magnus looked to each other. It had been such a bureaucratic decision, the result of Federation desires to secure a lasting state of peace in the region. It meant territory lines were moved, sovereignty changed hands, and people had to either become under Cardassian domain or leave.

"Thyssius two wasn't the only colony effected," Brigette answered, trying to remain calm.

"You lazy, all talkin' politicians just don't get it," Johnson replied, "That was our station, we laid down our lives for that land and you just hand it over to the Cardassians?!"

He started pacing, getting angrier with every step, "Oh and imagine my surprise when I get a cessation notice co-signed by one Temple, complete with packing orders written by another. You're like a family of desk-jockey suits sitting here on Earth making these decisions you know nothing about!"

Brigette looked back to the screen, "I regret the effect this may have had on the colonists and Marines who had worked so bravely throughout the war to defend that settlement."

"NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" Johnson screamed.

The man was clearly unhinged, taking a Federation decision personally. He appeared unable to understand the galaxy they now lived in wasn't governed by marines and warfare; that ultimately Star Fleet was about peace and exploration. If he had his way, he would still be at war with the Cardassians.

Brigette turned to look at him, "I don't know what else I can say. If you think the UFP or the people of Earth are going to sympathise with you, I fear you have overestimated the importance of this decision."

Johnson looked back to her with fire in his eyes, "You don't know me or the things I've done. You don't know anything about Marines or men like me. I'm a monster and I've got a frelling phaser to your head!"

The crazed Marine gripped the rifle and pointed it to the back of Brigette's neck.

"If the world won't punish you," he hissed, "Then they'll just have to mourn you!"

To Be Continued....


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