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Chief Security/Tactical Log Stardate 61962.56

Posted on Sun May 10th, 2009 @ 8:40am by

With the lengthy repairs coming to a close the crew are returning after small bite of shore leave. None of them however look as if they have loosened their grief or burdens each one of the carry. I am no expection, but mine has simply been quashed deep down with all the other baggage I bear.
Another new recruit to the rooster is the new assistant security Jack Daniels and what I can gather from his file he's just a stubborn and callous as myself from time to time. Hopefully with him working on the team it could be possible to whip some bravely back into the rest of the skittish security department.

Ship life aside I feel at a loss. Perhaps the events surround the West Ridge has changed my opinions on certain prospectives as my mind cannot seem to stay focused on more then one task alone. Henk for example, surprised the hell out of me recently almost announcing as clear as day that I have feelings to Commander Lorran, this something that I still refuse to believe. I pride myself on my professionalism upon this vessel and pursuing a relationship with the First Officer is not a wise choice.
What I think unnerved me the most was the ease O'Brien was able to identify this so called affection and use it to make me feel deeply uncomfortable. Defenses even.

Men are nothing more then trouble, their only existence is to procreate and I could quite happy live out my life without one.

I'm convinced even after Beverly's best word that something is gawning at her. She's lost her normal shine, retreated back into herself and locking herself away for hours on end where neither myself or Vos can stir her from. I'm worried about her. I've tried to talk to Kathy about what happened in the cave to see if that holds the answers but she won't go into detail saying the events where horrifying enough and did not want them relived.
Then out of the blue comes an invitation to informer dinner in her quarters with the doctor and the Vulcan from the West Ridge in attendance. Something doesn't add up in my opinion, and if she isn't going to tell me I'll make her, even if it means making her blind drunk. Now thats a sight that would make anyone laugh.


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