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New Genesis

Posted on Sun May 24th, 2009 @ 1:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

"Personal Log Stardate 62001.39

I've arrived on Genesis to take on the post of Assistant Chief of Security, something I would never of considered just a few months ago. The six months I spent on Earth during my leave of absence had no greater affect than to show me that my real place was in Starfleet, though I always imagined it would be as a simple crewman, now I'm in a near command position.

I also had hoped that my return would be a posting on another planet, maybe Vega Omicron I hear that the jungle conditions there offer a unique train regime I would have enjoyed or even to return to my last post on Andore. The environment there offered great scope for artic survival training and the Andorians love of explosives meant I received a great amount of demolition training as well. Social encounters with Andorians would also be best compared to tactical manoeuvres, the mental discipline needed to keep up with even the average Andorian was as much a test of skill as anything the environment through at us.

But Admiral Fox was adamant that all Starfleet officers should spend at least some time actually among the stars and would only offer me posting onboard starships, why I finally accepted the place on Genesis I'm still unsure, but now that I'm here I plan to do all I can to so show my dedication to the role I've been given.

The Captain I was pleasantly surprised by, direct and to the point I had feared that she was one of those Captains that felt crews should be family and friends. My direct superior Lieutenant Commander Mason how ever was more of a surprise, the crew reports I had read on her suggested that she was a competent, focused carer officer much as I'm told like me. But are first meeting while in unusual surroundings presented me with a far different officer than I was expecting, distracted and unsure, weaker than I expected, the damage to the ship and the loss of personnel may have had some part in her unusual character.

The upcoming mission will be a good indicator of her state of mind, I hope that she will prove to be the same officer I read about and not the one I first encountered. I have no desire to assume command on the first week of the job, but I will if I feel that Mason is placing the team and successful completion of the mission in jeopardy.

End Log"


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