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Captains Personal Log: Stardate 62092.92

Posted on Fri Jun 26th, 2009 @ 11:05pm by

The away team has boarded the Klingon ship and I'm left minding the store. This is the one part of being a Commanding Officer I still can't get used too. Going on the away teams was always one of the perks of being a Science Officer. Now I'm religagted to sitting and watching. I feel so completely helpless.

Now all I can do is wait, while my crew slips into a potentially dangerous situation. We have no idea what has happened to this ship, but the carbon decay and scoring on the hull suggests it was in a massive fire fight. It was lucky to have survived with its hull intact.

My mind also wonders to Lorran and Krissy. I hate having to send them on an infiltration mission such as that without the backup of a starship in the vicinity, but as the old saying goes, needs must. I would imagine it gets easier in time.... Doesn't it?


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