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Personal log - SCPO Akina Jrez

Posted on Wed Sep 2nd, 2009 @ 12:05pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

CoB's Personal Log – Stardate 62277.86

The Borg sphere has been blown up and Engineering has taken over repairs and the clean up. Some crew are celebrating, many are grieving. I, thankfully, find myself with a few quiet moments to myself. Sitting here in the quarters which have temporarily been allocated to me, I find my thoughts turning to PO Thalal zh'Simal.

I remember the first time I saw her, positioned in front of the door to Cargo Bay 3 back on the USS Explorer. A Gamma shift security team had been summoned to an altercation between civilians and crew in the bay. They weren't even on duty but we were pressed a bit thin, what with maintenance crews all over the place and civilians coming and going at all hours. Added to that, Captain Blomstire was anxious to be out of spacedock and away on our mission to study the birth of a red giant.
Thalal quickly and competently knocked a few heads together and sorted out the mess. All I had to do was clean up afterwards.
When the science mission went pear shaped, she was assigned to Bravo team on Castel III, the team I led into the research complex to remove the shielding stopping us from transporting down. It was my first mission in command. She took point while Yul covered our rear. It was a long and stressful journey in and back out again with me expecting hostiles to jump us at any moment. I can't even begin to describe how thankful I was for their cool handling of the situation. Their presence helped greatly in keeping me calm and focussed.
Then there was the Borg incursion on the Alamein. She swung into operation without a moment’s hesitation – issuing instructions, pulling a team together, liaising with Alamein’s security. I doubt I could have done as much or, if I did, it would have taken a lot longer when time was of the essence.
More than that, it was her plan which defused the Borg threat. I know I wouldn’t have thought of something so simple yet effective; I’d more likely have overreacted.
After it was over, the adrenaline in my veins was so strong that I was shaking but Thalal looked like she’d hardly raised a sweat.
All that....

One further point: PO Vartog – the epitome of the Klingon warrior – followed her orders without question. That, in itself, speaks volumes for her ability.
All that, quite frankly, intimidates me. I'm not at all sure how to deal with her.
I'm used to dealing with women more intelligent than myself – after all, I grew up with my mother and her lover. To this day, I'm no match for either of them. I'm still becoming used to people – women and men – with greater military knowledge and better understanding of Starfleet regulations and protocols. That's only to be expected given I have no background in Starfleet.
The problem is....

Thalal wraps it all up in an attractive and, if I'm being honest with himself, a most appealing package. To say some of her coifs are elaborate would be a decided understatement but, that aside, there's something about her that draws me to her. She isn't beautiful as such and I think she'd be the first to admit it but she isn't plain either. There isn't any one thing that stands out about her; her hair excepted, of course. It's more the way the whole package fits together and the easy acceptance of how she looks that I like. She does little to alter or enhance her appearance, again with the exception of her hair. That entirely natural crowning glory is obviously a source of endless delight to her, something to be teased and curled and arranged as the mood takes her.
Actually – again, if I'm being honest with myself – she's done some amazing things with her hair. I remember that first time I saw her. The silver confection was an intricate structure of tight, narrow plaits. Twin antennae peeked out from somewhere about the frontal lobes of her skull like timid eye stalks. How she managed to carry out her security duties, I couldn't imagine; it looked like the elaborate structure would collapse long before the first punch was thrown in anger or the first kick launched. Indeed, when she nodded assent to some question I asked, it wobbled alarmingly.
I found out soon enough. Down on Castel III her hair was tied back in a severe bun. I should have known she wouldn't let vanity get in the way of duty.
Sometimes I catch her looking at me in a strange way. When we were in the environmental control room the look on her face was one of bewilderment.

I can't even begin to imagine why. Nor can I think how to ask what it meant without appearing rude of overly forward. That's, in part, why visions of her are so troubling....

Maybe an opportunity will present itself while we're out running together. She has invited me to join her in a holoprogram of her own design. She said it is of hot pools in Japan. She also said it's traditional to be naked. Maybe then....


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