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Ensign Moshchnost’s Personal Log, Stardate: 62417.22.

Posted on Fri Oct 23rd, 2009 @ 10:54am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

First day on the job and there are being so many problems. I was looking for my quarters for over an hour before I found I had been put in with the engineers. The only uniform the Replicator will give me is the mustard yellow. I am asking for the Science blue but it says I am not authorised. Then it is giving me two rank pins instead of one. If I try and return one it tells me I may be reported for not wearing my full uniform. I am thinking I will get in more trouble for dressing like senior Lieutenant.

Then I am not allowed in to science labs. I check roster and it says I am to work in Propulsions Laboratory. I am thinking that they are needing Astrophysics to help with computer modelling but is not so. They are telling me I am in charge of Propulsions Engineering! I am not knowing my IDS from my SIF from my NFIs.

Perhaps it is bugs that they are having in the CPU. I have helped them cook their processors to remove Borg Nanites. Soon I will be back to normal, yes?

I am graduating a week ago. Spend five days coming here. Now I am so confused and scared I will be in trouble for something.

Worst still, I am thinking, one of the Doctors is asking me out to pub after hours. I am not knowing why! I am thinking that they do things to new people here like when I was at first year Cadet. So much water…

She smelled nice though.

Oh, computer beeps are warning me I am almost at end of designated time for personal log entry so I wi…


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