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Personal Log

Posted on Fri Oct 30th, 2009 @ 1:56pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

At last some good news – the last vestiges of the Borg incursion have been wiped from the computer systems. Ensign Moshchnost’s Soliton wave idea worked a treat. Lieutenant D’Ras and I have been closely monitoring the systems in case some sort of fail-safe was included in the nanite design but, try as we might, we can’t find any evidence of such.

I will report Ensign Moshchnost’s contribution to the captain – when we have a captain again. I don’t know much about what’s going on there and I’m not sure I want to. Maybe Thalal knows more but she’s still on duty searching for the captain.

I was looking forward to spending some time with her now that the computer crisis has been resolved but that will have to be put on hold for a while longer. I find the delay disturbing. I actually think I might be in love. This is causing some stress. The Jrez symbiont is fine with the idea. Unlike some symbionts, it’s not averse to romantic liaisons. It does find them comical at times and wonders why so much fuss is made about what is basically nothing more than a mating ritual. It sees this as all part of learning and experiencing life.

It’s actually a former host who is causing all the fuss.

Erial Jrez is rabidly anti-Andorian. He was on Vulcan at the time of the P’Jem crisis. He took the Vulcan side and his thinking continues to be deeply prejudiced by their official reaction. The loss of the monastery hit them hard. That they had a secret sub-space sensor array hidden beneath their monastery, in clear violation of the treaty, does not mitigate against what he perceives as Andorian treachery. He is quick to point out that the Kumari entering Vulcan space was itself in breach of the treaty, let alone Commander sh’Ran leading an armed force down to the surface. That's not even taking into account the two previous infractions.

So prejudiced was he that he worked behind the scenes at the conference which saw the birth of the Coalition of Planets, vociferously trying to have Andor excluded. He remains just as prejudiced now, two hundred or so years later. He sees my taking up with Thalal as betrayal.

To add to the confusion, another former host, Amizel, is playing the diplomat. To be fair, that is what she was – a diplomat – but, right now, she’s not being a very successful one.

For once, I just wish they’d keep to themselves and get out of my life rather than badger and interfere and keep on offering advice. What I’d really like is to see Thalal and talk all this through with her. I’ll have to tread carefully. She’s a proud Andorian and can be volatile when Andor is criticised for all that’s she free with her own criticisms. Then again, I’m happy to criticise Trill but I defend it against all comers. I just hope I’m not quite so strident about it.


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