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Security/Tactical Log Stardate 61673.42

Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 6:09pm by

I don't think the Doctor was overly convinced with my story of how I became so battered and bruised after the battle with K'Tan. Nor did he expect to see me twice in one day.

Beverly has informed me are new first officer will be arriving tomorrow: Lorran Vos a Bajoran male previously heavily involved with the resistance against the Cardassian's. At least our first officer has a strong will and file to back that up. Beverly could do with someone strong at her side, someone who can help her lead in difficult moments and someone to lean on when the going is tough.
That in its self can only be a good thing.

Considering we will be shortly arriving at the Latanna star system I need to make of point of at least learning more then just the names of the other senior staff. The ship is as prepped as I can make it. I just hope my body will hold up. Although the Doctor patched me up I still feel incredibility stiff and I ache all over.
Nothing a good nights sleep can't fix.

I never did say thank you to Lake. I feel a bit guilty. When I see him next I'll say it. After all he did do as I'd asked. Then why is it so hard to thank him? Do I really dislike him that much? I've always sworn to leave personal thoughts and feeling outside, but recently I've been finding it increasingly more difficult.
Maybe its because of Jennings and the whole incident, but then again its been fourteen years since Turkana IV. I begin to sweat just thinking about it.


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