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XO's Encypted Log, 2405

Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2010 @ 7:52am by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

As Starbase Templar prepares for what will undoubtedly be it's final mission, I find my mind wandering. When I was a young man I vowed I would never grow up; those close to me would be the first to admit that mentally I have done an admirable job as doing just that. That being said, the universe around me has not been so kind. Although I've always been the one to remain positive and live each day as if it were my last, these past 20 years have left me increasingly saddened as time has passed. Those around me, much like myself, have grown old. The station herself is showing her age even more-so than the rest of us. But these past few hours.. Well, I just feel so damn young again! Maybe it's just seeing old friends as they once were, and maybe it's just having something to do on this godforsaken boat, but whatever it is.. It's refreshing.

My heart has ached these past few years, watching Beverly all but waste away. Although her body is as old and ravaged as it were yesterday, in recent hours I can see that young Beverly in her eyes. Having the old team back together has made her happier than she's been in decades, and it warms my heart to see her so vibrant. Although I've not had much time to speak to Leanne, as strange as it sounds I hope she's picked up on my love for her Captain; her friend. Many years ago she told me that Beverly would need me to hold things together, but what she didn't realize was just how much I needed Beverly in return. Selfishly, of all the things that crew could take with them to the past to make things better - that knowledge seems most important to me. Bev and I's relationship was mocked and frowned upon when it became public, and having to hide it all these years has deprived us of so much. Having someone there all those years ago to support us would have made things that much better.

As I prepare to head back out into Ops and carry out our plan, I worry that Beverly will jump at the chance to take the Genesis out one last time. Less worry that she will - because let's face it, she will! More worry that she may be injured, or worse, killed in the process. Whatever happens in the hour to come, should this log be decrypted, let the record state that the Templar have risen a final time. Should there be nothing left to show of it once this is over, let it be known that we refused to let the workbees take apart all that this station has stood for all these years. The Templar will go out doing what we always have - fighting for justice and what is right, not what is politically decided upon. These brave men and women WILL get home, whatever that entails. And the future will be brighter for it.

Commander Thomas Jenkins, Executive Officer, Starbase 611... Templar.


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