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Phaeton Transport Log / Personal Log

Posted on Fri Mar 12th, 2010 @ 2:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Kh'ravaht ch'Zhuel

// Crosspost from the USS Phaeton //

Lieutenant Commander Kh'ravaht ch'Zhuel’s Personal Log - Phaeton Transport Log / Personal Log

Acting Captain's Log: Supplemental.

The ship is at warp five and we should arrive at Starbase 611 in approximately nine hours, seventeen minutes.

I am pleased with the reaction of the warp core and secondary systems. I must admit a bit of trepidation with going to warp with an untested core, but it has proved itself with only one minor patch of broken ice. Or, as the humans would say... a hiccup. After depolarizing the offending EPS conduit to the starboard nacelle, all parameters returned to nominal.

Preliminary tests of the primary long range sensor grid in the pod has proven successful as well, even though utilization has been restricted to cursory sweeps as we pass stellar phenomena at mid-warp.

Five hours ago, we detected a class one rogue comet consisting of eighty percent argon. I was surprised at this, since the ship was at warp. The Venture would not have been able to accomplish this. I only hope my former ship's refit will go as smoothly.

The ship seems rather empty. I am looking forward to transferring the command protocols over to the former second officer of the Venture. It will be agreeable to have the crew compliment at full strength as well. Working with a skeleton crew has been hard on everyone. I do not believe the twelve hour shifts have been good for morale.

That said, the crew is anxious to reach Starbase 611.

Computer, end log and open personal log.

Personal Log: Supplemental.

I am looking forward to R&R on Starbase 611. These past few months have put a strain on my antennae. While the work was steady and without much excitement, the deadlines were a constant source of worry. Thankfully, that's all behind us now. I will be exceedingly grateful to return to the three shift system.

I received a communique from mother this morning. The family is well, and I have a new nephew. I envy my brother.

I am not looking forward to this year's anniversary, and fully intend to request that week off at the earliest possibility. I have no doubt my performance will suffer at that time, so the week's leave will be a good diversion for me.

Oh, mother related the rest of my parent's love as usual. However, I was privy to both of my fathers arguing with each other in the background. I find it simply amazing that it's been nearly fifteen years and they still disapprove.

Computer, end log.


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