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"Concerned" Stardate 61688.4

Posted on Sat Jan 31st, 2009 @ 7:00am by

OOC: This log is for humour and storyline purposes only, it is not intended to be rude or insulting, and if it comes across as so, I apologise. I also apologise if you take Podi's fumbling over words to be deliberate, he accidentally says things this way.

IC: First item on my minds agenda, is that I am concerned about the self confidence of my dear friend and colleague, lieutenant JG Lake around lieutenant Mason's area...Wait...oops, um, I mean his self confidence near Lieutenant Mason. *Whoops* It is clear to me and possibly to others that...well lets just say that if she was in danger in the dark streets or something, he would certainly want to ride her home-I mean want to offer her a ride home...I'm really not good at getting these logs out...Oh, let's hope they don't understand that one.

Fumbles aside, I am seriously concerned, for me it is clear he likes her and I am considering the pain and the dissapointment of rejection. I'm no expert, you would have to talk to our counsellor, but I'm fairly sure those are not good feelings to...well, feel. He will need a friend, namely moi' to help him through those difficult times, should they arise.

(Clears throat)

Another thing, this mission disturbs me. The lives of hundreds of people suddenly refusing to register is rarely coincidence in my books. Something odd is going on, and I bet i'm not going to find out why before someone else does, because nothing like that ever happens to me.

Well, that about rounds out this log, Podi...out.


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