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Personal log Cailyn tarke Stardate: 61805.4

Posted on Sat Mar 13th, 2010 @ 10:39pm by

Personal log Cailyn tarke. Begin recording

I’m going nuts here. I can only do Paperwork and I’m understaffed. Crime is sky-high and civilians are walking around with guns. What a mess. And on top off that Kristina Mason is charged of some crime and is being dragged in front of the JAG. What a life here on starbase 611.

In a view minutes I have a check up with the doctor to see if I’m fit for duty again. I hope so because I’m going stir crazy. I don’t want to know how many PADD’s are waiting for me. So I thing that the most time is going to be reading them.

What I’ve read so far are reports from the people left on the station about the assault. I’m going to make up a rapport and get more people and supply’s this way. This is never going to happen again as long as I’m working here. Let’s hope that it never will.

End Log


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