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A new challenge

Posted on Sun Mar 14th, 2010 @ 11:28pm by

Well I just heard from central R&D, they received the data and test materials from the Quantum Slipstream project but with no time to waste issued me with a new assignment. The crew of 611 will be responsible for reviewing the Danube class runabout chassis and mission performance, suffice to say while it's done well the design is starting to show it's age.

So, I've been asked to go through and look at every component, everything from the control panels to the transporter, the warp core to the micro torpedo launchers. I've never had to review and existing ship but I've been assured the data analysts have been crunching the numbers and compiling dozens of reports based upon data from every runabout mission carried out by a Danube anywhere in the Federation over the last twenty years.

If I'm honest I have no idea where to start, I'll wait until the data arrives, lucky for me Commodore Quinn has assigned me to a mission leading the MacArthur so that should keep me occupied for the time being. Lets just hope this time there aren't any Romulans around and we don't need to dump the core like the last time I commanded a ship.


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