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Marine CO First Personal Log

Posted on Thu Apr 8th, 2010 @ 7:12pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Well, it has been an interesting time to say the least. I'm beginning to wonder what I've gotten myself into; almost 150 Marines at my command on a station recovering from a vicious attack. Add to that the Marines have been ordered to bolster security until new staff arrive. Keeping the two departments from killing each other will be an interesting task.

On a lighter note, I've found myself in the company of Roger Jacobs again. Seeing him takes me back to the old days and all the trouble we got into. Have a number of interesting Marines around as well from the information I've been unofficially handed. It'll take time to get to know them.

And there was a diplomatic dance. It was a bit awkward to say the least, I've always hated being around political people, I always feel they are looking for a place to stick a knife. It was a nice way to meet people and get out with Helen.

Speaking of Helen, she's been decorating. Our quarters feel...cluttered in places. There is hardly a surface with out a picture, vase or trinket. I live in fear of knocking something over. But, I'm sure she most of the items are replicated, even the photographs. Still, I'd rather not risk breaking something irreplaceable.

Tomorrow I will continue training the detachment and setting them up in their new security roles. It will be difficult and I fear many will complain while they work. At least I am sure most of them will do as ordered. I guess I will see.

End log.


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