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Personal Log stardate 66729.4

Posted on Wed Feb 11th, 2009 @ 3:33pm by

Chief Diplomatic Officers log stardate 66729.4, USS Genesis, I have been working on finishing all the projects that I left unattended for so long, it is amazing how much work a person can do when isolated on board of a starship, its almost worth the discomfort of being locked up in a huge metal tomb that flies across a deadly vacuum.

-Ten second pause-

It frustrates me that I do not have had more time to finish the work, it makes me feel like I am failing the people I was assigned to help on the USS Condor.
People are nice on this ship though, hard workers mostly, we are currently in orbit around some remote rock. Some of the rumours say they found someone, might be work for me there if its true.
Argh! So much work to do and so little time, even here!

-Another ten second pause-

I can't seem to keep my mind from the people I used to know on the condor, especially those that survived with me.
I hope they are alright, some of them were in worse condition then I was.
Got lucky with the ship as well, the holodecks are of a finer quality and the quarters are bigger, I miss my friends though.

Enough talk for today, I have work to do.
End of log entry.


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