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New Home

Posted on Sun May 23rd, 2010 @ 7:00pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Roark Nor, home for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately it will take some time to get settled in. My new quarters are habitable, if only just, but the Marine areas are in a state. There are containers everywhere and the constant threat of explosive devices. I can see it taking weeks to get sorted out, especially since the detachment has been reduced in size.

The Marines are spending most of their time doing heavy liftinf in critical areas, like sickbay. This is not ideal; they are trained fighters, not builders, but it does keep them active and busy. There is nothing worse that a group of bored Marines. Lifting it really the limit of what we can do. Fletcher and Toombs are reasonable techies, but not engineers, and eventually they will come up against something they cannot fix and will either have it in bits or have ruined it before they realise it.

I never expected this to be easy, but everything just seems to have spiralled out of control. I'm wondering why no one has tried to take this base before now. The Dominion ignored it competely as have the Romulans who are not that far away from here. A chance to hold a base like this is not something the Romulans don't grab with both hands. Perhaps they thought it would lead to a conflict with the Federation?

It is not often that I look for some action, but now I'd like something other than donkey work. However, if there is a need for the Marines, the station is in no shape for a fight. All I can hope for is that we get the station full operational soon and have no hiccups along the way.


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